STM lps33w waterproof MEMS pressure sensor integrates chemical compatibility, stability and accuracy, and is suitable for fitness tracker, wearable equipment, vacuum cleaner and general industrial sensing applications.

The production of lps33w is reflected by the semi derivation of Italian French

Lps33w is coated with a layer of adhesive potting adhesive inside the cylindrical metal package. It is waterproof with ipx8 grade, and can withstand salt water, chlorine, bromine, detergent (hand sanitizer, shampoo, etc.), electronic liquid and light industrial chemicals (n-pentane). The package cover has high corrosion resistance and cylindrical appearance, which is easy to use with O-ring in the application requiring sealing shell.

The unique properties of STM’s unique potting adhesive formula, combined with the sensor’s built-in signal conditioning circuit ASIC, ensure that the pressure noise reaches the class leading 0.008hpa RMS level, thus achieving excellent measurement resolution. The temperature drift is less than ± 2HPA, and the recovery speed is more than twice that of other sensors. In the range of 0 ° C – 65 ° C, the accuracy of temperature compensation is within ± 3 HPA.

The operating current of lps33w is only 15 μ a in high-performance mode, 3 μ a in low-power mode and 1 μ a in turn-off mode. The flexible power consumption mode helps to maximize the battery life of battery powered equipment. 128 bit high-capacity FIFO memory can store up to 40 time slots of 32-bit pressure and temperature data, which minimizes the intervention of the main microcontroller, thus helping to save more power. Other built-in functions include low-pass filter, digital interface I2C and SPI.

Lps33w is now in mass production with a cylindrical metal shell with a diameter of 3.3 mm x 2.9 mm.

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