How to evaluate the performance of a processor? Its market price trend can also explain a problem. If the price is strong after listing, it shows that it is still very popular and has been tested for a long time.

In the past, Intel led the price rise trend. Last year, Intel just released the ninth generation core processor. The core i-9900k once increased its price to $600, and its long-term price was about $500. These two days, it has dropped to a record low of $475.

Now the situation is different. Feng Shui turns around. This year, it’s AMD’s processor’s turn to lead the price rise. Although the Raptor 9 3900x is only the second flagship of AMD’s 7Nm Raptor 3000, today, when the Raptor 9 3950x is postponed, it is still one of the best choices at present. You can buy a 12 core 24 thread game processor at the initial price of $499.

Unfortunately, the supply of the 9 3900X has not been very strong. It is still panic buying in the 2 months after the listing. The price has gone awesome over the two days. The price is approaching 800 dollars, whether it is in the US or Asia, or the US $800.

Compared with the listing price of $499, the sharp dragon 9 3900x of $800 is equivalent to a premium of 60%, which is much higher than the increase of core i9-9900k last year.

The price of the Ruilong 9 3900x approaches $800, with a premium of 60%

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