On the morning of September 2, the price of oppo wireless noise reduction headset enco Q1 was officially announced: 599 yuan! The reservation was opened at 10:00 on September 2, with a time limit immediate reduction of 40 yuan and a hand price of 559 yuan.

It is understood that oppo enco Q1 is the first wireless noise reduction headset under oppo, which adopts 4mic FF + FB dual active noise reduction.

“4mic FF + FB dual active noise reduction”, i.e. “four microphone, feedforward + feedback hybrid noise reduction”. Active noise reduction is divided into feed forward noise reduction and feed back noise reduction. At present, many noise reduction headphones only use FF noise reduction. After double noise reduction and double “filtering”, the noise will be eliminated more thoroughly.

Oppo enco Q1 adopts collar design, the neck ring has streamline radian, and the three-dimensional curve fits the neck, weighing only 42g. Integrated molding technology, no splicing gap, IPx4 waterproof. Ergonomic earplugs fit the ear canal. In terms of color, sunshine orange, polar night black and star silver are available.

In terms of endurance, the headset has a built-in 160mah lithium battery and is fully charged in 2 hours. Combined with power optimization technology, it can provide 15 hours of ultra long noise reduction endurance, 22 hours of noise reduction standby, or 300 hours of connection standby.

It supports Bluetooth 5.0 technology, can quickly pair oppo mobile phones near, and can switch between music, movie and game modes.

The price of oppo wireless noise reduction headset encoq1 was officially announced, and the original price was 599 yuan

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