Recently, Tianjin has experienced continuous high temperature and high humidity weather, and the refrigeration load such as air conditioning has increased significantly, driving the continuous rise of power grid load. Following the maximum load of 15.297 million kw of Tianjin power grid on August 1, only one day later, at 13:36 on August 3, the power generation and receiving load of Tianjin power grid reached 15.309 million KW, another record high.

To this end, State Grid Tianjin electric power actively implemented various measures to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power grid, and invested UAVs, video online monitoring devices, intelligent inspection robots, etc., so as to realize the full coverage of live detection of equipment. At the same time, we will refine the emergency response plan and do a good job in the emergency repair of the distribution network during the peak summer to ensure that citizens spend the summer cool. Up to now, Tianjin power grid has maintained stable operation.

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