On October 29, XDA reported that Qualcomm is developing the next generation of wearable device SOC.

XDA developers found that on the code Aurora forum, Qualcomm uploaded the Linux kernel source code for its chipset, and found the file name “sdw3300-bg-1gb-wtp. DTS” in the “sdw3300 device”. The code indicates that the new platform is based on snapdragon 429, named snapdragon wear 3300.

The power consumption of next generation wearable SOC of Qualcomm will be lower, which can effectively extend the battery life of wearable devices

Snapdragon 429 was launched in mid-2018. It is based on the 12NM process, with four cortex A53 cores and a CPU frequency of 1.95ghz. According to the report, Qualcomm may combine the four cortex A53 cores with low-power coprocessor, PMIC, integrated DSP and other components to create a new snapdragon wearable platform.

XDA points out that the power consumption of the new wearable SOC will be lower, thus effectively extending the battery life of wearable devices. With 1GB of memory, the performance of the future wear OS smart watch will be better than before, which is worth looking forward to.

At present, Qualcomm has not confirmed any details of the next generation wearable SOC.

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