In recent years, everyone must have found a very strange place, that is, the charger interface of mobile phones has been changed to a mode. The name of this charger interface is type-c. in fact, it has appeared very early. It first appeared on a Nokia smartphone in 2016. Of course, in the end, this Smartphone did not catch fire. After three or four years of silence, this charger interface became popular.

Before that, most of the charger interfaces of smart phones were small trapezoidal. Even if there were some differences occasionally, they were similar to the two-way charging of LETV phones, and another was Apple’s. The charger interfaces of most mobile phones in China are female, and at present, only apple mobile phones are male. In the past, many people envy Apple’s interface, because it can be charged no matter how you plug it in. Unlike the small ladder socket of smart phones in the past, it often damages the handset charging interface, and slowly the charger interface is eliminated.

Although the charger interface of Apple mobile phone will not damage the charging interface of mobile phone, there is also a problem. The service life of the charging line is very short. Almost one charging line can only be used for less than half a year. Until this type-C interface appeared later, it quickly became popular in China. As a result, most smart products now, Whether smart phones, smart bracelets, or laptops, this interface is used. So what are the benefits of this interface?

The popularity of type-C interface will become a development trend

First of all, when applied to smart phones, charging will be more convenient and will not damage the mobile phone interface. Moreover, this interface can withstand a greater voltage. Now basically, the voltage of fast charging technology is higher and higher, and the charging speed is faster and faster. The previous small trapezoidal interface can not bear such a high voltage at all. Type-C is different in material selection and shape, so it can withstand a large voltage and the charging time will be greatly shortened.

Another is that when applied to computers and earphones, the channel for type-C to transmit data will be wider. In computers and earphones, it is often necessary to transmit some data between mobile phones. In the past, the small trapezoidal interface was used, the speed of transmitting files was very slow, and the headset used an audio cable single port. Since the type-C interface was replaced, some users have tested it, which shows that the file transfer speed is more than twice as fast as before, and the sound quality of the headset has also been greatly improved.

The last reason is that type-C can supply two-way power, that is, when you connect two devices with this interface, you can not only transfer files to each other in the middle, but also supply power at both ends of the type-C data line. It is also compared with the previous small ladder interface. In that data line, the result at one end of the small ladder can only be used as the interface for output current.

The other end is the input current interface, but both ends of type-C can be used as charging interface or output interface, which mainly depends on which end has a higher voltage. To put it bluntly, when using this data line, the charging treasure can not only charge the mobile phone, but also the mobile phone can charge the charging treasure, which is two-way power supply.

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