The VNA106/108 is a new UK-designed USB controlled professional and laboratory grade 300kHz to 8.5GHz vector network analyzer with unmatched performance and portability at an affordable price. Despite its small size and low price, the instrument is full-featured, has a low error rate, and has a "QuadRX" four-receiver architecture. This supports both 8 and 12 error calibrations simultaneously without the uncorrectable switching errors, delays and unreliability of traditional three receiver designs. The instrument supports various convenient calibration methods such as "Reinforced Isolation Correction" and "Unknown Thru".

The VNA106/108 has an excellent dynamic range of up to 118dB (VNA108 can reach 124dB) at 10Hz bandwidth, and the noise floor of the trace is only 0.005dBrms at its maximum bandwidth of 140kHz. It collects all four scattering parameters in as little as 190 microseconds per frequency point; that is, in less than a tenth of a second, a test, math, viewing, and EDA simulation tool compatible 500 point S2P Touch stone file for 2 ports! This performance compares to other full-featured vector network analyzers and provides more than four times the performance for the same cost; in fact, the VNA106 is more cost-effective as a high dynamic range scalar network analyzer or single-port vector reflectometry high. This breakthrough solution is extremely affordable and can be used not only in classrooms, small businesses, and even hobbyist studios, but also in microwave labs and specialists. The VNA106 also includes Bias-T circuitry for easy application of bias or test stimulus.

Main performance:

• 300kHz to 8.5GHz operation

• High speed of >5000 dual-port s-parameters per second

• "Quad RX" quad-receiver architecture for optimal accuracy

• 118dB dynamic range at 10Hz bandwidth

• 0.005 dB RMS tracking noise at 140 kHz bandwidth

• Compact half rack, lightweight packaging

• PC control via USB using Windows software

• Reference plane offset and de-embedding

• Time domain and port impedance transformation

• Tabular and graph printing and saving formats, including Touchstone

• P1dB, AM to PM and standalone signal generator utility

• Fully accessible 8 and 12 phase calibration process

• 6 calibration modes including unknown pass-through and connected DUT isolation

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