With the acceleration of urbanization and the increasing complexity of people’s livelihood issues, cross sectoral cooperative operations have become the norm in modern urban governance.

The optical display solution of Zhouming industrial command and control center integrates leading technologies such as “LED large screen, display and control operation and maintenance platform, ultra-high score visualization +5g map, big data collection and analysis”, has created a large number of high-quality projects of command and control centers across the country, and has played an important role in the recent key time of epidemic prevention and control.

The optical display solution of Zhouming industrial command and control center takes the LED large screen as the visual carrier, and based on multi-dimensional and multi-channel data collection such as 5g and big data, it can realize the visual presentation of various data and business information. At the same time, it can fully communicate with disease control, public security, transportation, emergency, people’s livelihood and other departments, achieve data resource sharing through the interconnection network, and realize one screen overview and on-screen operation of various businesses, Track and supervise the progress of each business in real time, so as to achieve fine urban governance and efficient services.

A smart security center in Chongqing – the project uses a large LED screen with an area of more than 100 square meters and an integrated light display solution to present real-time images in the field, gather data in an all-round way, conduct intelligent analysis, manage risks in a three-dimensional manner, and help create sophisticated prevention and control.

For example, when entering the emergency command hall, the epidemic prevention related data such as the tracking of returning personnel, the management of sealed and controlled areas, and the supply of people’s livelihood materials are constantly updated and reflected on the LED screen.

The command center is synchronously connected to front-line departments such as public security, medical treatment, transportation and price control, and presents the deployment of prevention and control in real time on the LED screen, forming a complete closed loop of epidemic prevention business from the aspects of flow regulation and scheduling, precise prevention and control, medical resource allocation, and people’s livelihood material support, so as to build a strong epidemic prevention network and organize a people’s livelihood security network.

Shanghai Yangpu urban operation management center – Zhouming technology industry optical display solution helps the urban operation center achieve a comprehensive breakthrough in “fast, accurate and accurate” data.

In fact, in addition to epidemic prevention and control, urban management itself is all inclusive, involving people’s basic necessities of life, including food, clothing, housing and transportation. In the light display era, the industry accusation center has provided the city with the “strongest brain”, a unified platform for urban command and dispatching and policy correction, and a “new infrastructure” for smart cities.

Zhouming is using optical display technology to provide “number” for decision-making, while breaking the communication barrier in management and making urban management “clear”.

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