As early as 2017, ORICO has launched products such as full perspective mobile hard disk box and hard disk base, and fully launched the R & D and production of transparent series products after 2018, constantly serving our work and life needs, and is committed to making our life more beautiful and convenient. At present, this series of product lines are expanding, and a new member nvme m.2 solid state transparent hard disk box has been added recently.

SSD has been a standard component of computer for a long time. It has experienced many stages, such as 2.5-inch SATA, msata, PCI-E direct plug and so on. At present, m.2 interface SSD with smaller volume and stronger performance supporting nvme protocol has become the absolute mainstream. If you choose the right hard disk, how should you choose the hard disk box? What’s special about ORICO’s m.2 nvme SSD case?

First of all, in terms of volume, compared with the 2.5-inch mobile hard disk box, the volume of this nvme m.2 solid-state transparent hard disk box is only about one-third of its size. It is very small and portable in the hand.

The nvme m.2 solid state transparent hard disk box, a new member of Orrico, is coming strongly

Secondly, in terms of appearance, compared with the common all aluminum alloy appearance on the market, this model adopts panoramic transparent PC + colorful aluminum alloy panel design. The design of aluminum alloy panel can not only dissipate heat normally, protect the hard disk from scalding, use safer, but also have higher appearance value. Silver / Blue / red / Black four-color panel is optional, which can be matched with more use scenarios. Transparent shell design makes it easier to distinguish the properties of the hard disk without pasting any labels. Elegant technology, beauty and heat dissipation are indispensable. Whether it’s work or leisure, the desktop is a beautiful scenery, adding a touch of comfort to the line of sight. The product adopts snap design, which fits tightly and is simple to use, bringing more convenience to users.

Then as a qualified hard disk box, its transmission speed can not be ignored. The product uses jms583 high-order master control scheme, which can theoretically reach 10Gbps transmission speed, and the measured continuous reading and writing speed can be as high as 992mb / s, opening a new era of high-speed transmission. 10 minute automatic sleep to promote heat dissipation of hard disk and prolong service life. At the same time, the product is equipped with a 15cm type-C data cable C to C and a 15cm USB data cable a to C, which can meet the use needs of most people.

Finally, this nvme m.2 solid state transparent hard disk box can also be applied to various specifications of m-key solid state hard disk. The supported specifications and sizes are as follows: 22 × 30、22 × 42、22 × 60、22 × 80, which can meet the use needs of most people in the market and truly realize one box multi-purpose. Whether in terms of appearance or performance, this product can see the intentions, pursuit and ideas of the R & D team and the brand.


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