In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s UAV manufacturing industry, UAV has been widely used in military reconnaissance, geological surveying and mapping, meteorological disaster reduction, electric power inspection, personal consumption and other fields. According to incomplete statistics, the number of UAVs in China has exceeded 1 million. By the end of 2019, China’s annual sales of UAVs will reach 1.96 million, including 1.5 million consumer UAVs and 460000 industrial UAVs.

The number of UAVs in China has exceeded 1 million and will continue to develop rapidly in the next five years

At present, in the domestic consumer UAV industry, the main companies are Dajiang innovation, zero degree intelligent control, Yihang intelligent, Manta intelligent, etc. As we all know, Dajiang UAV system is one of the most dynamic technology brands in the world aerospace industry. In the application of science and technology, UAV system has become an important member of the flight operation, and it is also an important direction for the future development of geek technology. In the civil field, Dajiang UAV system has penetrated into many application scenarios of different industries, and is pregnant with large-scale industrial applications and industrialization.

Through continuous industry exploration and in-depth research in the field of R & D, Dajiang UAV has been widely used in many industries. In the future, it also has broader application prospects, including cross-border development in various industries. Here, we have to mention the contribution of Xinjiang in the fields of aerial surveying and mapping, electric power inspection, space science and so on.

UAV technology has been widely used in agriculture, medical imaging, education and other industries, and even entered the field of automatic driving. “In the process of application in various industries, Dajiang constantly simulates the scene, studies better solutions, and takes the problems in the application field as our own problems to solve.” It is hoped that Xinjiang can expand in more industries in the future. Of course, this is also being realized step by step.

The functions and advantages of UAV can be brought into full play in more industry scenarios. Dajiang can flexibly complete all kinds of impossible tasks and take targeted methods for different kinds of emergencies. Wang Tao makes Dajiang continuously realize cross-border applications in the industry, and has made outstanding contributions in the application of special industries.

The domestic UAV market has developed for nearly 30 years, from the initial military field to the consumer field. At present, the domestic consumer UAV market is hot, and the recognition and demand of ordinary people for UAVs are gradually rising. In the past two years, the number of UAV enterprises, financing times, the number of pilots and the use of products have increased significantly, and even an exponential growth has appeared, and the regulatory system has been further improved. In the next five years, the civil UAV industry will continue to maintain a rapid development trend, and the sales market scale of China’s civil UAV products will reach 26.5 billion yuan in 2020

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