After the advent of virtual design tools, customers no longer have to move physical furniture, and home interior design becomes easier. Today, WAYFAIR, a household goods store, has also joined the trend by adding AR function to its latest version of application, so that consumers can choose the most perfect furniture in the virtual room.

New features of this app include “view in room 3D”. Users can virtually add various furniture products to the application by taking photos of their rooms with the application. It’s a bit like IKEA’s place furniture location app, but the WAYFAIR version is based on photos, so it can run even if the user is not at home. WAYFAIR said it used breakthrough technology to analyze the 3D space of the room from 2D images, so as to realize the virtual placement of items.

The company has also updated the “image search” function. Users can search WAYFAIR products with photos, similar to the visual search function of Google lens.

There is also Room Planner 3D design tool in the application. Users can create an interactive 3D room and adjust different layouts and configurations for their furniture and decorations. The user can view the room from almost any angle, and the product will be automatically added to the room in the correct proportion.

The new version of WAYFAIR application has been launched on IOS and Android platforms, but some functions such as room planner can only be used on IOS platforms at present.


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