Recently, the UV Group of Halma Group (including member Aquionics, Berson and Hanovia, the three major brands of We UVCare) announced the launch of the new UVC device AirLine AirLine, which is used in air conditioning systems to help kill COVID-19 and other harmful pathogens.

This new UVC equipment adopts high output medium voltage UVC lamp, which can inactivate harmful pathogens such as molds, spores, bacteria and viruses suspended in the air, and can be easily refitted into commercial and light industrial HVAC piping systems.

The new UVC equipment launched by British hero is helping to kill harmful pathogens such as COVID-19.

It is reported that the existing UV equipment used in air conditioning systems usually adopts low output lamps or LEDs to reduce bacterial pollutants on coils or filters. These fixed surfaces can be sterilized and purified by long-term ultraviolet irradiation. However, for airborne pathogens, UV lamps with higher output are required to effectively sterilize. Airline uvv equipment can just provide sufficient deep ultraviolet light, and the inactivation rate of harmful pathogens in high-speed air flow is 99.99%. When air passes through the high output medium voltage lamp of airline uvv, airborne pathogens will be killed.

Statistics show that Haomai group, founded in 1894, is a multinational investment group in safety, health and environmental protection industries. Its headquarters is located in Amersham, northwest corner of London. Aquionics, Berson and Hanovia have always been independent companies of Haomai group, located in different places. Among them, Aquionics is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, the United States, Berson is located in nunnan, the Netherlands, and Hanovia is located in London, the United Kingdom. It established an office in Shanghai in 2006 and an independent production base in 2015. Based on the industrial market, Hanovia focuses on the development and Application Research of UV lamp tube and UV system, and provides global UV curing lamp products and equipment; Berson focuses on the municipal market; Aquionics combines its products in the U.S. market. The UV group composed of three brands has more than 150 years of comprehensive experience in developing UV systems.

Mosquito killing lamps equipped with UV LED are listed on in Japan

Website of Japanese company gloture Co., Ltd JP launched a mosquito killing lamp equipped with UV LED. This UV LED mosquito killing lamp emits ultraviolet light and special sound waves to attract mosquitoes, flies and other insects. As long as they fly to the light source, they will be killed in the lamp.

According to ledinside, mosquito control products using ultraviolet light to capture insects have long appeared on the market. For example, Yiguang exhibited the mosquito killing lamp integrating UVA led and UVC led last year. It mainly generates carbon dioxide through UVA led and photocatalyst to attract mosquitoes, and then kills the captured mosquitoes through UVC led.

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