The advent of the digital and intelligent era has brought new challenges to the design and innovation of fastening solutions. How to integrate more complex technology into more compact equipment at a faster speed and lower cost is a common challenge faced by customers in various industries.


Follow the development trend

PEM® SK™ Series Fully Upgraded

In line with the development trend, PEM® has always been committed to providing customers with higher cost performance and better user experience through innovative fastening products and solutions. Through the upgrade of design, technology and specifications, we hope to quickly meet a variety of application needs, improve productivity, and promote products to market as soon as possible. In view of this, after a long-term and comprehensive research and evaluation, Binco, a leading fastening solution expert, has officially launched a new series of fully upgraded PEM® SK™ KEYHOLE® self-fastening flat head fasteners, which can more efficiently meet the needs of various industries. Industrial customers' tightening requirements for "board-board" connections.



The SK series self-clinching flat head fasteners provide a quick and flat connection of two boards. Typically, several fasteners are used in conjunction with a standard PEM® Threaded F™ flat nut that holds the sheet in place with a single screw, preventing any unwanted movement, found in datacom, telecommunications, automotive, and more widely used.


More specifications to meet a variety of applications

PEM® previously had nearly 1,000 SK™ product part numbers, and each part number corresponds to different sheet thicknesses. According to relevant research, the number of material numbers applied to 0.8, 1.0, and 1.2 mm sheets is 322, 421, and 171, respectively. That is to say, in about 91% of SK-related applications, the thickness of the sheet is between 0.8 and 1.2 mm. . In addition, SK™ products with a shank length between 2.5-4.0 mm account for 87% of all applications, and the specification concentration of the SK™ series is more obvious.


Based on the above research results, in order to meet more application conditions according to the actual needs of customers, and promote the product launch as soon as possible, the new SK™ series will comprehensively consider the current application needs, and unify the whole series into three types with a total of 97 pieces. Committed to one-stop and efficient meeting of various application situations.


The new SK™ series will be divided into the following three types


SKC™/SK4™: Can be used for the separation or installation of replaceable parts, the unique barrel design enables fast "board-to-board" connection and separation. Suitable for sheets over 1.0 mm.


SKC-F/SKCF-F/SK4-F: SK4-F™ fasteners can be applied to stainless steel sheets. Among them, "T" series (TSKCF-F/TSK4F-F/TSKSF-F) can be used for 0.8mm thick plate connection. SKCF-F is a new product launched this time, which can be applied to 300 series stainless steel and can provide extremely high corrosion resistance.


SKS-R™ fasteners are designed to provide high side loads in component vertical mounting applications and are available in a variety of top plate thicknesses and bore sizes. The H series (HSKS-R™) is suitable for 1.2mm plate thickness and the T series (TSKS-R™) is suitable for 0.8mm plate thickness.



Stronger fastening to achieve a comprehensive upgrade

Compared with the old version, the new SK™ series uses imported materials with higher ductility, which can avoid hydrogen embrittlement fracture, and the product performance is higher and the quality is more reliable. The new design avoids sharp edges, combined with the new upgraded production process, enables excellent tolerance control of fasteners, and provides customers with very competitive prices by improving material utilization and productivity.


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