ABB has released a new ultrasonic liquid level meter lst200, which is customized for water and sewage treatment industries with large demand for liquid level measurement. Based on extensive demand research, combined with ABB’s decades of liquid level measurement experience, lst200 adopts modular design, equipped with advanced processor and intelligent algorithm, which ensures reliable operation, simplifies installation, debugging and maintenance, and is beautiful and light, thus greatly reducing the total cost of customers in the product life cycle.

The new ultrasonic liquid level meter lst200 can be compatible with abb general FIM debugging software at the same time

Lst200 has a blue backlight high-definition operation panel, which is especially suitable for outdoor operation; According to the custom of customers, the simplified operation menu can be set in 1 minute; Real time waveform and diagnosis information can greatly improve the efficiency of equipment maintenance and troubleshooting; At the same time, it is compatible with ABB’s general FIM debugging software, and can quickly and accurately complete the intelligent configuration of complex parameters such as open channel flow measurement by computer, without the need for professionals to participate in the calculation.

LST200 built-in advanced GAP intelligent stabilizer algorithm, can adapt to the fluctuations caused by environmental changes, and automatically compensate for the intensity of ultrasonic signals, so that it is easily competent for aeration, chlorine contact tanks, cooling towers and so on. The electromagnetic compatibility verified by the third party laboratory and its noise filter algorithm make lst200 operate stably in complex interference environment such as pumping station.

Lst200 is a non-contact measuring equipment with IP68 waterproof grade. With polycarbonate shell, it can resist the corrosion of water flooding, weak acid, weak alkali and chloride, without daily cleaning.

Wang Mingyi, global product manager of ABB ultrasonic liquid level transmitter, said: “lst200 can be used in many industrial applications, especially in water and wastewater fields or in occasions with water level measurement requirements such as power and paper. Thanks to the modular design, easy operation experience and reliable algorithm accumulated by long-term experience, lst200 helps customers reduce the total equipment expenditure in the whole process of purchase, installation and maintenance, and meets the core requirements of customers for reliability and convenience. “

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