Smart driving = electric car?

The market education of new energy vehicle companies in the past two years has made this formula an inherent cognition of countless consumers. Consumers generally feel that fuel vehicles are inherently lower than new energy vehicles in terms of intelligence.

Recently, the official launch of the new third-generation Roewe RX5 fuel version of the real car finally reminded the consumer market that the formula of intelligent driving = electric car is wrong.

The new third-generation Roewe RX5 fuel version is equipped with the NGP intelligent navigation assisted driving system, which can achieve the same function as Xiaopeng NGP, NIO NOP and Tesla NOA, and achieve high-level assistance from ramp to ramp on highways across the country. drive.

Technology's "Star Catcher"

NGP is not only the most important part of the field of intelligent driving, but also has the highest technical difficulty to realize it, which requires not only huge R&D investment, but also unusual technical requirements.

Different from Tesla's pure vision solution, Roewe NGP adopts a perception system based on a multi-sensor fusion solution, which requires the cooperation of cameras, millimeter-wave radar/ultrasonic radar, and high-precision maps. Provide assistance, two radars as detection support, and the algorithm support of the "central brain" of the chip, so that the vehicle can cope with different complex road conditions.

The reason why the news of "price increases" and "lack of cores" by major car companies can occupy the headlines of the auto market in the past few months is because the quality of the chips can not only affect the current intelligent experience of vehicles, but also The important thing is that it represents how much potential a car has in the future that can be tapped. After all, no one wants the new car they just bought to become an "out-of-season product" without being caught up in the wind and rain.

The number and computing power of the chips determine whether it has a strong learning ability, which can ensure that this computing power is sufficient in the intelligent driving system in the next five years. When new functions appear, the performance of the hardware will not become a bottleneck. .

Therefore, expensive chips and huge R&D costs determine that NGP itself is a very expensive function. This has also led to the constant high prices of Wei Xiaoli and Tesla models equipped with the same functions, and Wei Lai has exceeded 400,000.

So, why is the cost so high, and the new third-generation Roewe RX5 still has to rise to the challenge?

Simple, because consumers want it.

For example, the autonomous switching function of high-speed road sections that can be achieved by NGP: NGP can independently select the optimal lane on the basis of ACC adaptive cruise and automatic follow-up, perform automatic lane change and overtake slow cars, and the whole process is very smooth and has the demeanor of an old driver. .

At the same time, NGP can also merge into the main road and on-ramp. When exiting the expressway toll station, NGP will automatically exit and remind the driver to take over to ensure driving safety.

Xiaopeng once released a data last year that the penetration rate of Xiaopeng’s NGP in highway mileage is as high as 60%. In other words, for every 10 kilometers of Xpeng car owners driving on the highway, 6 kilometers are in the NGP state. Completed, you can see how useful this function is.

For car owners, the ease of use and ease of use of NGP is not lost to Tesla. At the same time, compared with Tesla's more radical pure visual algorithm, the NGP equipped with the new third-generation Roewe RX5 is based on Chinese road conditions and The driving habits of Chinese car owners are undoubtedly more suitable for the complex road conditions in China. For this reason, some features suitable for Chinese roads have also been developed, such as crowded vehicles, ramp light reminders, avoidance of faulty vehicles, and avoidance of large trucks.

Smart "moat"

To realize these functions of NGP, Roewe naturally needs to do one thing well: stacking.

This stack is not a simple stacking configuration, but just the right way to put each component in its place.

In terms of hardware, the more the number of sensors, the more eyes that monitor the surrounding road conditions for you, and the greater the amount of information that can naturally be received. The new third-generation Roewe RX5 uses 28 sensors covered by the whole body to monitor every move of the surrounding in real time, and truly realizes "sight-seeing six-way".

Among these complicated sensors, the most useful to the driver is naturally the former millimeter-wave radar with an extreme detection distance of 210 meters. It is naturally more delicate, and small target objects such as pedestrians and ice cream cones can also be detected.

The eye of the new third-generation Roewe RX5 also has a 120-degree horizontal field of view and a 30-degree vertical field of view. Relying on accurate angle measurement capabilities and contour measurement capabilities, it can make timely resolutions for close-range jamming scenes.

Not only can it detect dangerous situations in the distance in advance, leaving enough time for thinking and handling, but also can clear the danger of blind spots in the field of vision, and take precautions when dealing with some emergencies.

In addition to seeing far, it is also very important to see clearly and naturally. The new third-generation Roewe RX5 has carefully prepared 11 high-definition cameras, including the first 8-megapixel ultra-high-definition camera at its level. You know, this is Weilai The current ace models ET5 and ET7 only have the treatment.

The higher the pixel, the clearer the situation can be seen, and the processing will be faster and more accurate. For example, when facing the scene that the millimeter-wave radar cannot effectively distinguish such as lane lines and various guiding arrows, the high-definition camera can immediately identify it.

Compared with the 2-megapixel proactive camera of many new forces, the 8-megapixel proactive camera of the new third-generation Roewe RX5 directly increases the effective detection distance by 60%, and can cope with complex driving in harsh weather such as rain, fog, sand, etc. situation.

Abundant hardware enables the new third-generation Roewe RX5 to collect detailed and accurate information around the vehicle, and even at certain moments, breaking the boundaries of human visual perception and doing things that humans cannot do is the meaning of technology.

At the software level, even in the face of a lack of cores, Roewe still sincerely took out the leading 8155 chip in its class.

Not only that, in order to cope with the high-intensity computing power brought by sensors and radars, the new third-generation Roewe RX5 is also equipped with 3 high-performance AI chips of Horizon Journey 3 (the ideal ONE is equipped with 2), and the new third-generation Roewe RX5 has Comparing with the confidence of these new power brands.

As the leader of NGP, the high-precision map has high-performance car-level image processing technology at its core, which is like glasses. Only by putting glasses on the car can the data collected around it be seen clearly and the surrounding environment can be better judged. make driving decisions.

Roewe also added more weight on this basis to achieve high-precision scene rendering. It can reproduce the road environment information through vivid and vivid 3D animation, perceive and map the traffic environment information in real time, and dynamically display the vehicle status and behavior in a scene-based manner, so that the driver has a sense of "advantage lies in me".

write at the end

As "the world's first mass-produced Internet car", Roewe was at the forefront of the times as early as 6 years ago. Intelligence and change are the genes engraved in Roewe's DNA.

In the era of ever-changing intelligence, when performance and the roar of a fuel engine are no longer the criteria for measuring the quality of a car.

Roewe used the new third-generation Roewe RX5 to show the most intelligent driving attributes in its class. Equipped with NGP, it became the first "crab-eating person" in the fuel car, which not only means that Roewe opened the fuel car to chase the wave of intelligence. The prelude also represents that Roewe has established its own moat for the latecomers.

Intelligent driving is not a patent of a certain type of vehicle, and new energy vehicles and fuel vehicles are not a life-and-death relationship. Allowing consumers to have the right to choose and the space to choose is the basis for the healthy development of an industry.

Therefore, Roewe has also carefully prepared the new third-generation Roewe super-hybrid eRX5. Respecting every consumer's right to choose products and not believing in a certain type of technology is the key to Roewe's long-term survival in the market and leading the trend.

Let us look forward to the new third-generation Roewe RX5 that will be pre-sold in mid-June, bringing us more surprises.

Reviewing Editor: Peng Jing

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