New products of Wanjiale Vientiane range hood and gas range are launched. Previously, the Vientiane series of gas water heaters have been on sale in Jingdong platform.

The new products of the range hood and gas stove of Wanjiale Vientiane series have been officially launched

In order to create products more in line with the needs of young users, Wanjiale, together with the Nordic top industrial design team, combined with Nordic design style and Chinese bathing and cooking lifestyle, has developed a series of Vientiane products after more than one year.

Gas stove [Yan]: stir fry evenly and taste good

The design of the new Vientiane gas range comes from fire and flame. The overall design is flexible and simple. The unique cornice design of the outer ring fire cover makes the central flame gather better and meets the needs of users.

Vientiane series gas stoves are set up through original technology, with firepower up to 5.2kw and thermal efficiency up to 65%, which is higher than the national first-class energy efficiency standard. The utility model can realize uniform temperature and large firepower stir frying, and save energy and gas at the same time.

The new products of the range hood and gas stove of Wanjiale Vientiane series have been officially launched

Range hood: to smoke fire gas, not oil smoke

In order to remove the cooking fumes in time, the design of the Vientiane range hood adopts the unique patent “double arc smoke guiding structure” of Wanjiale. Through the soft curved surface design, the fumes automatically flow upward along the curved surface.

After optimizing the structure of the range hood, the maximum air volume of the Vientiane range hood can reach 22m? 3 / min, and the range hood can be removed in time at the moment when the range hood is generated, so as to truly achieve the “machine as its name”. Even if it’s an open kitchen, it’s clean after frying.

The fuselage is anti pollution and easy to clean

The cleaning of lampblack of range hood and gas stove has always been one of the concerns of the kitchen electric industry. Vientiane series range hood and gas stove are coated with advanced nanotechnology in the industry, and the glass panel has good hydrophobicity and anti pollution ability. The lampblack falls on the lotus leaf like drops of water, which can be easily erased and is more convenient for daily use.

Vientiane series is another original series of products of Wanjiale. It is specially designed for the young generation of “smart consumers”. It is not only easy to use, but also has high appearance value. It can meet the needs of young people’s comfortable and exquisite life.

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