In the early morning of March 10, Beijing time, Apple held a spring new product launch conference. Apple Watch has become the focus of media attention, and although the attention of the new Macbook Air with ReTIna is not so high, foreign media generally agree with Apple's radical approach on the interface issue.

 The Wall Street Journal

The new MacBook doesn't come with a standard USB port, just like Jobs removed the optical drive from the Air in 2008. There were people who complained that a laptop for $1800 had no DVD drive and only one USB port. Seven years later, these complaints sounded crazy. Lifting the new MacBook is more like lifting an iPad than a laptop.

 The Verge

The new MacBook launch and design video tells you that the laptop's selling point is what it looks and feels like, not what it does. The new MacBook's keyboard has such a short key travel that I'm not sure I'm pressing the keys, it's close to typing on a glass surface. The new battery will allow fewer recharges, so a single USB port is also quite reasonable.

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The new MacBook is so light that the MacBook Air feels like a heavy, old product. Apple didn't make the notebook lighter by using lower-priced materials, which in itself is no small victory. The new trackpad utilizes pressure sensing, unlocking more gesture possibilities. For example, by holding down the trackpad, you can open email links, get Wikipedia entry explanations in Safari, and preview files in Finder. The trackpad is also incredibly convenient for forwarding and rewinding videos. We don't think you'll ever misuse the Force Touch, which clearly distinguishes taps from presses.


Every aspect of the new MacBook's design is about aesthetics, whether it's the single USB-C port on the left and the headphone jack on the right, or the extra gray, gold, and cool, unconventional gold. The new butterfly keyboard basically has no key travel, no movement, similar to typing on a touch screen, and it didn't leave a good impression on me. After all, this machine is not designed for gaming or editing video, it is enough for everyday use. The new MacBook also hints at Apple's values, aesthetics first.


The new MacBook is a tablet, but it's a lovely notebook version, such as ultra-light, tablet-level processor, long standby, and few interfaces are all tablet features. If you already have a tablet, you don't have to buy it, and if you hate tablets, you might consider it.


The new MacBook is light enough to make you think it's just half a bundle of paper. It's stress-free to hold with one hand, and you'll feel like you could break it if you didn't hold it well. The Force Touch touchpad has multiple levels of feedback. The harder you press, the more feedback you get, and the sensitivity is adjustable.

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