With the launch of the new Mac Pro, Apple also took the opportunity to put its own memory on the shelf, but the price was beyond imagination. The cheapest was 2934 yuan, and the most expensive even reached 8800 yuan.

For users who have purchased Mac Pro, if they want to upgrade memory, they don’t have to worry about choosing Apple’s own. After all, the machine itself also supports third-party expansion, and the most important thing is that the price is relatively cheap.

One of the great advantages of Apple Mac Pro is scalability. It has 12 DIMM sockets and can accommodate up to 1.5tb ram, which is obviously stronger than IMAC pro.

If you look at the apple memory kit and Mac Pro technical specifications, you will find that Apple uses DDR4 ECC 2933mhz r-dimm or lr-dimm according to the chip density. In the case of a 64GB memory kit, two 32GB DDR4 ECC 2933mhz r-dimm modules for $1200.

In addition to apple, some third parties also sell the same type of memory at a much cheaper price. For example, nemix’s 256gb ram upgrade kit has 4x64gb modules at a price of less than $1200, which is the same as the price of Apple’s 64GB kit.

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