Today, during the 2020 Qualcomm snapdragon technology summit, oppo announced that the new generation of oppofindx series will carry the 8885g mobile platform of Qualcomm snapdragon and will be released in the first quarter of 2021. At the same time, oppo will continue to strengthen cooperation with Qualcomm technologies, join hands with the world’s leading technology partners, accelerate the further deployment and popularization of 5g in the world, and explore the future of 5g integration.

Wu Qiang, vice president of oppo and President of global sales, said: “oppo and Qualcomm technologies have always maintained a close cooperative relationship. Pursuing the ultimate mobile experience is our common vision. In the past few years, the industry has joined hands to push 5g to reality. Now our goal is to give full play to the great potential of 5g. Qualcomm technologies’ latest snapdragon 8885g mobile platform has brought significant improvements in 5g, imaging and AI experience. Oppo will launch the first batch of flagship smartphones with snapdragon 888 in the first quarter of 2021, which we are looking forward to. We believe that the next generation of findx series will bring unparalleled new experience to users all over the world. “

Equipped with Xiaolong 8885g mobile platform, findx series new products continue the top performance in an all-round way

Built and integrated with the leading 5nm process technology, Qualcomm snapdragon tmx605g modem and RF system, the industry-leading snapdragon 8885g mobile platform not only provides better comprehensive energy efficiency performance, but also brings significant leaps in 5g, image, AI and game experience for the new generation of 5g flagship terminals of oppofindx series. On this basis, the new generation findx series will also be equipped with “oppo full link color management system” for the first time. The screen display and image color performance will achieve unprecedented breakthrough improvement, becoming one of the most anticipated 5g flagship mobile phones in 2021.

All along, oppo has been committed to becoming the pioneer and popularizer of 5g, and has launched many products equipped with snapdragon 5g mobile platform in succession: in May 2019, opporeno 5g version equipped with snapdragon 855 became the first 5g mobile phone to be sold in Europe; in June, oppo’s cooperation with Qualcomm technologies and Ericsson based on reno5g version won the award of “Europe’s best 5g network development”. In 2020, oppo has launched 5g mobile phones with snapdragon mobile platforms, such as findx2 series, reno3 and reno4 series, and extended their 5g cooperation to CPE products, smart watches and other fields, launching a number of intelligent products supported by snapdragon.

Adhering to the principle of “science and technology as a person, to be good to the world”, oppo and Qualcomm technologies jointly explore the future possibilities of 5g

The 5g cooperation between oppo and Qualcomm technologies is not limited to the continuous launch of products. In order to accelerate 5g’s commercial landing in the global market, oppo and Qualcomm technologies have participated in the joint debugging and testing of 5g networks of mainstream operators around the world for many times: for example, in December 2019, oppo cooperated with Ericsson, Qualcomm technologies, Switzerland Telecom and Telstra to realize the industry’s first DSS data video call; in July this year, oppo also cooperated with Qualcomm technologies, Ericsson and Warsaw Dafeng has jointly completed the first small-scale commercial test of 5gsa network in the UK.

At present, oppo has become a partner with more than 70 mainstream operators in the world, and has reached 5g cooperation with more than 40 of them, making key business progress in Europe, Japan, Latin America and other regional markets. These achievements are inseparable from the cooperation with leading technology partners represented by Qualcomm technologies.

In the future, oppo will continue to uphold the brand belief of “science and technology as a human being, to be good for the world”, adhere to mutual benefit and win-win situation, embrace open cooperation, and cooperate with more industry-leading partners such as Qualcomm technologies to explore 5g’s wider possibilities and tap 5g’s richer value, so that technology and innovation can truly bring value to global users.

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