On April 29, the new generation e21c-y series solid state disk products of Guoke micro were fully launched and mass produced, equipped with the main control chip gk2302v200 of Guoke micro’s self-developed solid state disk and the Yangtze River storage xtacking ® Technology 128 layer 3D TLC particles provide industry users with an efficient and safe data storage experience.

The price of domestic solid-state drives has always been concerned. In order to meet the requirements of the industry market for domestic high-performance and cost-effective products, guokewei launched e21c-y series solid-state drives with low cost and high performance. Once released, it will stand out in the industry with high cost performance, high stability and high compatibility and quickly seize the market.

Guoke micro e21c-y series solid state drives are equipped with Guoke micro self-developed main control chip gk2302v200, which adopts domestic embedded CPU IP core to highlight the concept of “Chinese design”; Support SATA 3.2 standard interface, and the maximum reading broadband is 550mb/s; Built in the third generation nandxtra of guokewei ® Reliability engine and nandsafe ™️ The security engine can comprehensively improve the service life of NAND particles by enhancing LDPC engine and raid protection. Guoke micro e21c-y series solid state disk products are complete in form and rich in capacity, including 2.5inch, m.2280, m.2242 and msata. The capacity can be selected from 64gb~1tb.

E21c-y series solid state disk products support mainstream CPU and operating system, and are mainly used for industrial desktop applications of Party and government office system, conference system and desktop terminal, and industrial control applications of finance, rail transit, medical treatment and other industries; Provide industry customers with low-cost solid state drive solutions. The introduction of e21c-y series solid state disk products further explains the concept of “solid state storage, Chinese design and enabling industries” put forward by guokewei.

With the advancement of the localization process in the industry market, the demand for localization in all walks of life is gradually increasing. In order to meet the demand of the industry market for national SSD products, guokewei will continue to increase its research and development capacity to provide users with more perfect solid-state storage solutions.

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