Novel coronavirus pneumonia (AI) diagnostic tools are developed by British and American scientists to predict whether a person can infect new crown pneumonia according to his symptoms.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia is a novel coronavirus pneumonia study. The researchers said that the AI model used data from the new crown pneumonia research program, comparing people’s symptoms and the results of the traditional new crown pneumonia test to predict if someone could have new crown pneumonia, which is expected to help people who are difficult to obtain test opportunities. They are about to launch two clinical trials in the UK and the United States.

More than 3.3 million people around the world have downloaded the “new crown pneumonia symptom research” program and use the application to report their health status every day. The researchers analyzed novel coronavirus pneumonia data collected from 2 million 500 thousand British American users. They regularly recorded their health status in the application. About 1/3 of the users recorded symptoms related to the new crown pneumonia, and 18374 reported that they had received the coronary disease test. 7178 of them were positive.

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With the data, novel coronavirus pneumonia symptoms were most likely to be associated with positive results. They found that novel coronavirus pneumonia had more symptoms than cold and flu symptoms. They warned not only about fever and cough, but also about loss of taste and smell (dysosmia), because two-thirds of users who tested positive for coronavirus infection reported this symptom. This indicates that novel coronavirus pneumonia is a more powerful indicator of new crown pneumonia than fever.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia model was established by the researchers. The model can predict whether a person can infect a new crown pneumonia based on the age, gender and four main symptoms, namely, loss of smell or taste, severe or persistent cough, fatigue and loss of appetite. The accuracy rate is about 80%. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was used by researchers in 800 thousand users who had symptoms. The number of users who were not well at that time was 1/5 (17.42%).

The researchers believe that novel coronavirus pneumonia symptoms study can be identified by AI prediction model and can be identified when the symptoms begin to appear. “Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a key warning signal for new crown pneumonia infection, and should be included in routine screening of the disease. Anyone who suddenly loses their sense of smell or taste should assume that they have been infected and observe local self isolation measures,” said Professor Tim Spect of King’s College in London.


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