Bfs-pge-50s4m-c and bfs-pge-50s4c-c are the latest members of our blackfly s GigE camera series. These 5 MP cameras weigh only 53g and are ideal for integration with small handheld devices; At the same time, it has high pixel density and is an ideal partner for small and affordable lenses. Using Sony’s imx547 sensor, these two cameras have excellent low light level performance, excellent quantum efficiency and extremely low absolute sensitivity. They are very suitable for a series of challenging applications from biometrics to scientific research.

These new GigE cameras are powered by Ethernet and take advantage of our lossless compression function to increase the frame rate by 25% to 30 FPS without affecting the image quality.

• 5 MP global shutter CMOS

• the lightest camera with imx547 sensor weighs only 53g

• lossless compression improves FPS by 25% (from 24 fps to 30 FPS at full resolution)

• high QE, low noise, low absolute sensitivity threshold (4.4 photon AST)

• excellent quantum efficiency (68% QE at 525 nm)

• excellent low light level performance (2.49 e- reading noise)

• small pixel size for more affordable and compact optical components

• high sensitivity (high QE and low AST) reduces lighting system requirements

CTA: color model CTA: monochrome model

Customized options and special requirements

Researchers, manufacturers and diagnostic experts in the professional field know that the smaller the size of the imaging device, the more it is necessary to avoid particles that may block or blur the enlarged sample. Teledyne FLIR cleans and assembles all machine vision camera optical components in an ISO certified clean environment (grade iso7-10000). This standard dust level is sufficient to meet the requirements of most applications, but some applications require higher standards. Therefore, we provide upgraded dust-proof services for all area scanning machine vision cameras except blackfly s board level (usb3 / GigE) and firefly models.

CTA: upgrade dust service

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