It is reported that in the first 5g spectrum auction held in the Netherlands, Vodafone, T-Mobile and Dutch Telecom (KPN) all obtained spectrum allocation. Not long ago, at the end of June, the Dutch government announced that it would start auctioning the new 5g spectrum, and telecom companies could participate in the auction. However, the actual situation is that only the above three enterprises have participated in the auction from beginning to end.

The Netherlands auctioned the new 5g spectrum, and Vodafone, T-Mobile and Dutch Telecom all received spectrum allocation

In a statement, the Dutch government said that the country’s three major mobile operators have obtained a total of 26 independent licenses and bid 1.23 billion euros ($1.42 billion) to buy various spectrum in 700 MHz, 1400 MHz and 2100 MHz bands. The Dutch government has taken regulatory measures to ensure that participating operators can use no more than 40% of the available frequencies. 5g license is valid for 20 years.

As part of the auction terms, the Dutch government also set conditions for operators, including the need for 5g network to cover 98% of each city and the minimum network speed requirements for enterprises and consumers.

Mona keijzer, State Secretary for economic affairs and climate policy of the Netherlands, said: “Mobile communication is an important foundation for future digital innovation in the medical, agricultural, educational, manufacturing and mobile fields. The Netherlands is a global leader in the digital field. By meeting the urgent needs of companies, organizations and consumers for fast, reliable and secure mobile communication, the Netherlands will continue to maintain this position. The results of this auction will also ensure that our telecommunications market will grow before 2040 Maintain full competition and provide consumers and enterprises with high quality, innovation and reasonable prices. “

The Dutch government also said that it would auction the spectrum of the 3.5 GHz band in early 2022, which is currently being used by the Dutch Intelligence Agency for satellite communications.

Dutch Telecom has obtained 20 MHz spectrum in 700 MHz band, 15 MHz in 1400 MHz band and 40 MHz in 2100 MHz band. Dutch Telecom spent 416 million euros to buy 5g spectrum. Joost farwerck, CEO of Dutch Telecom, said: “we are satisfied with the results of the auction. Considering the minimum price set by the government, we have obtained an attractive 20-year frequency license portfolio at a reasonable price. The new license will enable us to further improve the quality of our mobile service, and we are happy to launch 5g services to customers soon.”

T-Mobile obtained 20 MHz spectrum in 700 MHz band, 10 MHz in 1400 MHz band and 40 MHz in 2100 MHz band. In a press release, T-Mobile said that the starting price of 5g spectrum was too high. T-Mobile paid 400 million euros for 5g spectrum. Soren abildgaard, CEO of T-Mobile Netherlands, said: “we are very proud that after fierce bidding, as long as we get official permission, we can activate our 5g network.”

Meanwhile, Vodafone obtained 20 MHz spectrum in 700 MHz band, 15 MHz in 1400 MHz band and 40 MHz in 2100 MHz band. Vodafone launched 5g service in the Netherlands at the end of April this year, using Ericsson’s spectrum sharing solution. Vodafone said that its 5g service has covered 80% of the population of the Netherlands.

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