Recently, the High Tech Department of the Ministry of science and technology organized an acceptance meeting in Beijing for the major national 863 plan project “research and development of key technologies for smart grid (phase I)”. The project consists of 21 topics, which are jointly completed by the Chinese Academy of Electric Power Sciences, China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd., Gansu Electric Power Company, Jiangsu electric power company and other units. It mainly focuses on large-scale centralized access to intermittent energy grid connection technology, high-density distributed power grid connection technology, grid technology supporting the development of electric vehicles, large-capacity energy storage system, intelligent power distribution and consumption technology Large power grid intelligent dispatching and intelligent power transmission and transformation technology, and achieved a series of research results.

The project has carried out the research and development of large-scale wind farm, photovoltaic power station cluster control system and intermittent energy power generation dispatching system, and achieved demonstration applications in North Hebei Power Dispatching Center and Hexi Corridor wind farm and photovoltaic power station; Build the world’s first three terminal flexible DC transmission demonstration project of ± 160kv/200mw/100mw/50mw in Guangdong Nan’ao wind power base; The development of intermittent power grid connection planning and stochastic whole process analysis system was completed and demonstrated in Northwest power grid.

The project carried out research on Key Technologies of high permeability intermittent energy regional power grid and demonstrated them in Yancheng power grid, Jiangsu Province; Completed the research and development of key technologies such as grid connection of high-density multi access point building photovoltaic system, applied to Zhejiang Haining 20mwp distributed photovoltaic power generation project, and established a MW distributed photovoltaic / energy storage power generation system; Completed the research and development of microgrid technology with distributed power generation, and built two microgrid demonstration projects with system capacity of 2.94mw and 1.86mw in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province.

The project has developed an integrated electric vehicle intelligent charging, discharging and storage power station system, and built a 1.25mw/2.25mwh energy storage power station in Anting, Jiading; An orderly charging system for electric vehicles has been established, covering 21 charging and replacement power stations; Based on the Dalian Chengxi charging station, the demonstration application of the interactive coordination system between electric vehicles and power grids was carried out.

The project has studied the design, monitoring management and protection technology of large capacity energy storage system, and built a 2mw/2mwh energy storage system demonstration project; Complete the research and development of coordinated control technology for multi type energy storage system, and carry out demonstration application in Zhangbei Fengguang energy storage base and Shandong Tuoji island; The energy management and control system applicable to MW level energy storage power station has been developed, and a 5mw/10mwh all vanadium liquid flow energy storage demonstration project has been completed in the wind farm of wolniushi.

The project has developed an intelligent distribution network self-healing control system, which has been demonstrated and applied in 4 substations, 23 feeders and 89 distribution rooms in Guangdong financial high tech service zone; Carried out flexible and interactive research on Key Technologies of intelligent power consumption, intelligent power distribution information and communication technology, and built demonstration projects in Nanning, Yangzhou and Wuxi, Guangxi respectively; The technology integration research and development of intelligent power distribution park has been completed, which has been demonstrated and applied in Tianjin Zhongxin eco city. The total number of users is 20216, and the annual average penetration rate of renewable energy power generation is 20.74%.

The project has carried out technological research and development, including the integration of large power grid operation state perception, risk assessment, fault diagnosis and dispatching, flexible control to improve power grid security, stability and operation efficiency, intelligent high-voltage switchgear, intelligent monitoring and life cycle management of power transmission and transformation equipment based on the Internet of things, and has been demonstrated and applied in Central China Power Grid and Yunnan power grid.

As an important layout in the field of smart grid in China, the project has broken through a series of key technologies, formed a relevant standard system, built a number of demonstration projects nationwide, implemented promotion and application, and cultivated a large number of talents, which have contributed to China’s active response to climate change, ensuring sustained and rapid economic and social development, promoting the optimization and efficient utilization of energy structure, ensuring the security of power supply, cultivating strategic emerging industries It is of great significance to drive industrial development.

The expert group agreed that the project has completed the research contents and main assessment indicators specified in the project initiation notice, and agreed that the project has passed the acceptance.

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