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“Report card” of China Unicom’s international business: there are 32 branches and more than 300 operators in the world

China Unicom held the 15th International Partner Conference. He Biao, deputy general manager of China Unicom, said that China Unicom has set up 32 branches around the world to serve nearly 3000 multinational enterprises around the world.

He Biao pointed out that up to now, China Unicom has set up 32 branches around the world, established long-term partnerships with more than 300 international operators, and served nearly 3000 multinational enterprises around the world. In the future, we will continue to adhere to the “going out” and “bringing in”, and build a global symbiotic cooperation ecology.

He Biao said that the key product deployed by China Unicom this year is China Unicom cloud networking. As an inter cloud dedicated line product carried by MPLS-VPN network, this product can fully ensure the efficient and stable interworking between customers’ distributed computing nodes. So far, the product has completed the interconnection of more than 70 domestic and more than 30 overseas key cloud resource nodes, providing high-quality cloud networking services for users around the world.

At present, China Unicom has made progress in the expansion and construction of overseas nodes. It has provided customers with global video communication solutions in more than 190 countries and regions to meet the needs of remote office, conference, training, emergency command and so on.

Han 5g users actually use 5g signal for only 15%

According to the “June South Korea 5g user experience report” released by the British market research agency open signal, when using 5g smartphones in South Korea, the actual time to connect 5g signals is only 15% of the time used, Yonhap reported. From the proportion of 5g connection time of each communication company, SK Telecom accounts for 15.4%, the highest among the three major communication companies. Followed by LG U + and KT, 15.1% and 12.5% respectively. At present, the 5g commercial service NSA (non independent Networking) mode in Korea shares equipment with LTE network. Where 5g cannot be connected, the signal will be automatically converted to LTE.

According to people in the telecommunications industry, the coverage of 5g in South Korea is narrow, and most of the network is connected to LTE indoors. Moreover, due to the large battery consumption of 5g mobile phone, it is difficult to successfully connect to 5g signal in the boundary area covered by the signal.

Sound from all sides

Foreign media: British Prime Minister Johnson announced that he would gradually stop using Huawei Technology in British 5g network

According to Reuters, citing the daily telegraph, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson expects to phase out Huawei Technology from Britain’s 5g network construction as soon as this year.

It is learned that at present, British government officials are drafting suggestions, hoping to stop installing new Huawei equipment in 5g network within six months and speed up the demolition of installed equipment and technology.

Previously, GCHQ mentioned its security concerns about Huawei in its report. The US sanctions against Huawei will force the company to use untrusted technology, which may increase the potential risk. The report is expected to be submitted to Johnson this week.

Johnson’s spokesman said earlier this week that officials would soon complete a review of the impact of the latest U.S. sanctions aimed at cutting Huawei’s ties with U.S. chip manufacturers.

After the merger, T-Mobile shut down sprint’s 5g network

According to foreign media fiercewireless, the US operator T – Mobile has completely shut down the sprint 5g network in the United States after its full acquisition of sprint.

T-Mobile will redeploy sprint’s 2.5GHz 5g network and use it in its own network. Therefore, almost all sprint models cannot be connected to 5g network, and the affected areas include Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Houston and Miami.

T-Mobile said it would provide sprint customers with a service: exchange their 5g mobile phone for another mobile phone that can be used normally on the T-Mobile 5g network. According to the data provided by baystreet research, a research and analysis company, sprint sold more than 75000 5g mobile phones incompatible with T-Mobile network in the 11 months from June 2019 to April 2020.

News briefing

The Ministry of industry and information technology organized the imt-2020 (5g) conference

The Ministry of industry and information technology recently issued a notice to arrange and deploy the holding of imt-2020 (5g) conference. The conference focused on 5g business and application innovation, and further promoted 5g development through application competitions, summit forums, exhibitions and exchanges. The conference is divided into two stages: preheating and formal meeting: the former is to hold the third “blooming Cup” 5g application solicitation competition from June to October this year, and the deadline for project solicitation is July 31; The latter was held in Beijing from October 15 to 16 this year at the same time as the international communication exhibition, mainly carrying out product display, theme discussion, sub forum and other activities.

Beijing Municipal Bureau of communications organized and deployed the communication support work of Beijing secondary and college entrance examination in 2020

In order to do a good job of communication guarantee during the examination and ensure the smooth progress of Beijing’s secondary and college entrance examination this year, Beijing Municipal Bureau of communications made arrangements and issued the emergency notice of Beijing Municipal Bureau of communications on doing a good job of communication guarantee for Beijing’s secondary and college entrance examination in 2020, Basic operation enterprises and information and communication enterprises are required: first, pre inspection and pre repair shall be carried out for the safe operation of various base station equipment, power supply and lines in the examination center area of the city to ensure smooth lines and networks. The second is to establish a network monitoring mechanism to track the network performance in real time and deal with all kinds of emergencies in time. Third, we should deal with the changeable weather during the examination, strengthen the frequency of equipment inspection, and focus on cooling and flood control maintenance. Fourth, we should provide high-quality broadband and mobile communication services for families involved in the examination, especially candidates participating in all kinds of online examinations, quickly deal with all kinds of fault complaints, and make every effort to ensure the quality of communication services.

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