At the “2020 new generation optical transport network development forum technology seminar” held on August 27, Tang Rui, senior engineer and senior project manager of Institute of technology and standards of China Academy of information and communications, focused on the application progress of OTN special line in government affairs, medical and other industries, as well as the analysis of future development trend.

The market space of special line service is huge, and cloud network cooperates to realize the unified carrying of cloud network service

Tang Rui, senior engineer and senior project manager, Institute of technology and standards, China Academy of communications and communications

The market space of special line business is huge

Mobile communication, home broadband and government enterprise dedicated line are three very important services for operators. Data shows that 4G coverage of mobile communication has reached 98%, while home broadband has 460 million access users, and these two services are relatively saturated. And the special line service market development space is huge.

According to omdia’s prediction, the global dedicated line market will reach US $70 billion and will grow to US $90 billion by 2023. China’s three major operators are building or expanding the government enterprise network, and the growth rate of government and enterprise business income is more than 10%. Some operators’ new revenue from government and enterprise accounts for more than 40% of the total new revenue.

The special line business creates huge social value, and at the same time, it also wins competitive advantages for operators. Tang Rui said that the special line market has a broad space. The basic requirements and general requirements of the special line business are the guaranteed bandwidth, low delay, high reliability, hard isolation and agile self-service. It is also an inevitable trend for the industry to speed up the bandwidth and improve the quality.

Six characteristics of high quality special line

Since its establishment in December 2017, ngof has been committed to promoting the development of the global optical network industry by building an open cooperation platform. The “cloud & dedicated line carrying” working group has continuously focused on key issues such as quality dedicated line carrying. Based on the research on the business needs of financial companies, Internet enterprises, scientific research institutions and other organizations, combined with the preferred carrying technology solutions, in June 2018, the Working Group officially released the white paper on high-quality dedicated lines for the cloud era, defining the evaluation system of high-quality dedicated lines for the cloud era from six dimensions, including guaranteed bandwidth, high security, customer self-management, and industry To guide the upstream and downstream industries to carry out the innovation of quality special line, service opening time, low delay / low jitter and high availability. The high performance corresponding to these six dimensions is exactly the six characteristics of high-quality dedicated lines.

According to Tang Rui, in order to analyze the demand of enterprises on cloud for cloud network collaboration, the ngof “cloud & dedicated line carrying” working group has released online survey template of enterprise demand for several typical industries, and has carried out research on multiple vertical industries such as government, finance, Ott, enterprise, medical treatment, SME and retail industry.

The survey results show that different vertical industries have different demands for dedicated lines, but they also have a lot in common. For example, high reliability, business protection, physical isolation, and exclusive link resources are the most concerned by all enterprises; flexible bandwidth adjustment, time delay selection, and business encryption are also the characteristics that enterprises attach great importance to when deploying private lines; advanced operation and maintenance features such as cloud and network end-to-end resource visibility and fault visualization are also the requirements of some enterprises for private lines.

At the same time, with the acceleration of enterprise’s cloud access and the gradual integration of cloud and network, the demand for bandwidth, security, reliability and delay of enterprise’s cloud access network should be further improved. Tang Rui, for example, said that the financial industry has a high demand for real-time transactions, so it has a very strict demand for low delay dedicated lines, which not only need flat management, but also need low delay dedicated lines; medical cloud brings the demand of cloud network collaboration, and hospitals generate a large number of image data every day, and transmit the examination data of patients to the cloud in real time, and then check them in the doctor’s terminal in real time Inquiry. This requires a high reliability, low delay and visible quality cloud dedicated line.

Cloud network collaboration to realize unified cloud network service carrying

Cloud network collaborative management and control supports the high-quality service requirements of dedicated lines. Tang Rui said that cloud and dedicated line services require the network to provide SLA service requirements with large bandwidth, high reliability, high security, low delay and differentiation. Its data burst flow is large, and there is tidal effect, so the network needs to adjust the bandwidth on demand based on the business flow.

First of all, in terms of solutions, the comprehensive bearer scheme based on OTN + ROADM has become the preferred solution for the construction of special line network. The scheme can be based on the different demands of the customers’ bandwidth size, carry different business particles with different pipeline technologies, carry out efficient business load, and connect the private line business to the network nearby, each node has multi service access capability, and has multiple business interlocking centralized dispatching power to achieve unified scheduling. The interface is integrated to realize the centralized management and control of cross layer and cross manufacturer business.

Secondly, for the new generation of OTN, the characteristics of dedicated line service are also evolving. For example, the OSU service unit based on the definition of OSU can carry the small particles more efficiently. At the same time, some enterprise customers are very concerned about information security, through otnsec symmetric encryption, improve information security.

Thirdly, cloud network collaboration can realize the unified carrying of cloud and network services. On the one hand, a variety of flexible service access methods, OTN CPE, MSTP / MSAP multiple media access, so that different users can use the existing access method to quickly enter the cloud; on the other hand, cloud network docking realizes a jump into the cloud, OTN directly connects with the cloud pool, E2E ODU / OSU and other hard pipes to meet the high-quality cloud access needs of industry customers.

Finally, the new functions of cloud network services can be realized by opening the management and control interface, such as bandwidth adjustment on demand, scheduled reservation service, user resource management, delay based management and control, etc.

“Cloud & special line carrying” working group has initially established the special line quality evaluation system

In addition, Tang Rui also pointed out that with some new features of the demand for dedicated lines, the standards and experience of quality dedicated lines are constantly upgrading. For example, through dedicated line + private network + cloud network to achieve network hard isolation virtual private network; through OTN new technology to achieve fine particles of diversified access; using a unified management and control platform to achieve business process automation, day level opening, to achieve e-commerce operation strategy; multi dimensional improvement of quality and user experience, customers can view the bandwidth, availability and operation of the dedicated line from the app of the client Report, etc.

Ngof “cloud & dedicated line carrying” working group has initially established a quality evaluation system for dedicated lines, which evaluates the quality of the whole special line from three stages of pre-sale, sales and after-sales, so as to promote the innovation of quality dedicated lines in upstream / downstream industries.

Finally, Tang Rui said that the terminal diversified access scenarios are also promoting the opening of the interface and the decoupling of CPE equipment. On the one hand, the technical iteration will reduce the cost of the whole network, and on the other hand, it can make the OTN quality dedicated line better support the development of industry informatization.

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