In just five years, smart speakers have become new necessities of life from niche products, and “visualization” is also giving smart speakers new possibilities. The popularity of smart speakers with screens marks the second half of the smart speaker market. In the era of video networking, the amount of information carried by voice alone is far from meeting the needs of users. With the blessing of the screen, the intelligent speaker with screen can carry more services and contents and go deep into more life scenes, such as hot drama, movies, video calls, maps, photo albums and other functions.

Compared with pure voice intelligent speaker, intelligent speaker with screen can also make up for the lack of interaction to a certain extent. Visualization can reduce the anxiety of users in the process of interaction, and will not make users feel helpless when they don’t know what to do or when the machine answers the instructions without knowing what to do. From a technical point of view, although the speaker with screen itself can not solve the ability of multi round dialogue, with the blessing of the screen and touch operation instead of multi round Q & A, the bottleneck of multi round dialogue has been solved.

In addition, the intelligent speaker with screen has a new dimension of “vision” and more commercialization possibilities. For example, membership system, payment skills, brand services, etc., only one dimension – the revenue from AI advertising in video is considerable. Many people will question the difference between the speaker with a screen and electronic screen, mobile phone and iPad, and its competitiveness with TV and Ott? Will today’s sizeable data become a foam? Are iPad users willing to join this change?

In fact, although the name of the intelligent speaker is postponed, the speaker with screen has been completely separated from the category of speaker. Compared with pure speakers, voice interaction with screen speakers only occupies a small part of the capacity. Compared with iPad, it has the interaction ability enabled by artificial intelligence, and intelligent voice interaction cuts into many scene requirements. Under the development of smart home, the speaker with screen can be used as the control center of smart home in the future, including table lamp, TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, floor sweeper and other household appliances and equipment, which can be connected to a smart home ecology.

Therefore, the speaker with screen can be said to be a good piece of white paper for painting. It can continuously absorb the hardware devices that meet the needs, continuously cultivate the content and services, continuously upgrade the interaction ability and experience mode, and explore the experience fields that cannot be touched by mobile phones and PCs. For example, in the small home video speaker, the third-party skill has become the largest application, which is used more than music and long video. Currently, Xiaodu has 33000 developers and more than 2400 skills.

Voice speakers with screens have experienced a series of industry cognitive changes. With the weak shipment of smart phones, they are becoming the main engine of the new world after mobile phones. The new products will gradually let everyone understand that this is a battle for family scenes about content matrix, service ecology and intelligent ecology. Giants are struggling with ecological barriers, the ability of technology opening, the number of connected devices and the influence of developers. There are still several problems to be solved about the development trend of intelligent speaker with screen.

After the smart speaker detonated, the technology giant entered the competition for a new entrance. Foreign Google, Facebook and domestic batj Internet giants have successively launched voice intelligent speaker products with screen, such as Baidu Xiaodu speaker, Xiaomi Xiaoai touch screen speaker, Tencent dingdong smart screen, Jingdong dingdong play, etc. After four years of development in the Chinese market, from the perspective of strategic decision-making, industry performance and technology accumulation, Baidu and Alibaba have become competitive giants leading the track.

With AI technology becoming more and more mature, technology companies such as Alibaba, Baidu, Kuangshi technology and polar chain technology have developed rapidly, and more and more artificial intelligence products have entered people’s work and life. Among them, the intelligent speaker with screen is the only AI application ecological platform with full coverage from hardware to framework, to platform, development ecology, application system and terminal hardware.

The accelerated landing of the smart speaker with screen means that the smart speaker can carry more content, have more use scenarios, and become an entry-level device, and even the search entry of the next era. The global smart speaker market is a big cake, which is expected to open a new cycle of global consumer hardware. It is more likely to become the key for technology giants to win the AI era.

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