With the improvement of people’s living standards, intelligent sweeper robots have entered thousands of families and liberated people’s hands. Sweeping robot system is a complex system. Usually, intelligent sweeping robot is composed of mobile system, sensing system, control system, sweeping system, navigation system and power supply system.

With the development of computer technology, artificial intelligence technology, sensor technology and mobile robot technology, many intelligent systems begin to be applied to the scheme development technology of floor sweeper. The gyroscope technology is becoming more and more mature, and the cost is greatly reduced.

Map navigation scheme of intelligent sweeping robot gyroscope

Gyroscope is an instrument that can determine the azimuth of moving objects. It provides accurate signals, control and azimuth support such as azimuth, level, position, speed and acceleration according to needs. It is widely used in automatic control of ships and aircraft, navigation system, navigation, automotive biology, environmental monitoring, smart phone and smart home industry.

Gpm3207 inertial navigation path planning scheme adopts umouse floor sweeping robot special CPU usr3207t and inertial navigation module to plan bow path, and the cleaning coverage is at the leading level among similar models in the industry. The scheme supports the functions of suction roller brush exchange, electric control water outlet, multi gear water volume regulation, APP remote control, real-time map transmission, 6 appointments, water tank dust box identification, virtual wall and so on. It is mainly used for medium and high-end floor sweepers and planned main models.

The map navigation scheme is constructed by intelligent sweeping robot gyroscope

Advantages: high coverage (98.13%), high efficiency recharge (≥ 98%), APP online firmware upgrade, real-time map transmission, remote control, 6 appointments, automatic cleaning, safe and stable electrical performance, guaranteed quality, high reliability, waterproof, fireproof, earthquake resistant, flame retardant and environmental protection.

Technical support: gyroscope path planning technology, umouse core algorithm, infrared sensing technology, automatic recharge technology, APP intelligent technology, overcurrent, overvoltage, surge protection, electromotive force isolation, EMC protection, power reverse connection protection, anti-static protection, all chip components, rubber three anti paint, socket over glow wire test, fireproof board, flame retardant grade fv0, ROHS environmental protection standard.


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