It was learned from the National Space Administration that the Long March 5 remote 5 carrier rocket and chang’e-5 probe were transferred to the launch area vertically after completing the general assembly and testing work in the technology area at China’s Wenchang space launch site on November 17, and are scheduled to launch in late November.

The long March-5 remote-5 launch vehicle was safely transported to Qinglan port in Wenchang, Hainan Province by Yuanwang transport fleet in late September, and then transported to China Wenchang space launch site by road transport. Since then, according to the test and launch process, the rocket has successively completed the preparation work of general assembly and test.

On the morning of November 17, the mobile launch platform drove out of the vertical test workshop of the launch site and smoothly drove for about 2 hours. After that, the Long March 5 remote 5 carrier rocket was safely transferred to the launch station 1 of the launch site. Subsequently, after the rocket function inspection and joint test are completed and the final state is confirmed, the rocket will be filled with propellant and launched according to the procedure.

This mission is the second application launch of the long March-5 launch vehicle series. Before that, China’s first Mars exploration mission, tianwen-1, was successfully launched.

The lunar exploration project chang’e-5 is the sixth mission of China’s lunar exploration project. It is planned to realize automatic sampling and return of the lunar surface and help deepen scientific research on the cause and evolution history of the moon. It is one of the most complex and difficult tasks in China’s aerospace field so far.

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