Recently, the Lombardy local government in northern Italy has allocated 10 million euro to subsidize solar + energy storage systems.

The local government of Lombardy, Italy, has allocated 10 million euros to subsidize the solar energy + energy storage system, and each applicant can get a subsidy of up to 100000 euro

In Lombardy, buyers of solar + energy storage systems can apply for a subsidy of 50% of the purchase price, or 100% of the purchase price if they only purchase storage systems (as supporting facilities of solar power stations). It is understood that each applicant can receive a subsidy of up to 100000 euros.

Lombardy is the richest and most developed region and the most important industrial and commercial area among the 20 regions in Italy, with an area of 7.9%, a population of 15.8% and a total GDP of 25% of the country.

Since 2016, in order to promote the development of photovoltaic + energy storage mode, the Lombardy regional government has started to provide subsidies for residential and commercial energy storage systems, with a subsidy budget of 2 million euros in that year. In 2017, the Lombardy local government launched the first 4 million euro solar energy storage incentive plan in Italy.

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