The 98th China Electronics Exhibition – International components and Information Technology Application Exhibition will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from November 2 to 4. With the theme of “components are strong and everything is interconnected”, the exhibition will expand 5g and Internet of things, automotive electronics, defense electronics, industrial electronics, consumer electronics In the six innovative application sectors of medical electronics, the 26th China International Seminar and Exhibition on small motor, magnetic materials and special robot technology was held at the same time, and the audience continued to meet in the form of high-quality exhibition, so as to help China’s electronic component industry achieve high-quality development and show the style of a big country of electronic components. It is worth mentioning that the automotive electronics exhibition hall of China Electronics Exhibition has attracted the active participation of influential suppliers in the fields of automatic driving, intelligent networking, test technology, connection technology, body electronics, automotive materials and so on. They will focus on displaying new automotive electronics technologies during the exhibition.


Shanghai Automotive Group Co., Ltd. (Booth No.: hall 2 2c083), as a leading listed automobile company in China, is striving to grasp the industrial development trend and accelerate the innovation transformation. It is developing from a traditional manufacturing enterprise to a comprehensive supplier of mobile travel services and products for consumers. At present, SAIC’s main business includes the R & D, production and sales of complete vehicles (including passenger cars and commercial vehicles), actively promoting the commercialization of new energy vehicles and Internet vehicles, and carrying out research and industrialization exploration of technologies such as intelligent driving; R & D, production and sales of parts (including power drive system, chassis system, interior and exterior decoration system, as well as core parts and intelligent product systems of new energy vehicles such as batteries, electric drives and power electronics); Mobile travel services such as logistics, auto e-commerce, travel services, energy saving and charging services; Automobile related finance, insurance and investment business; Overseas operation and international trade business; And actively layout in the field of industrial big data and artificial intelligence.


Shanghai Valeo electric appliance Exhibition (item No.: hall 2 2b066) was established on February 11, 1995. It is the largest and complete auto parts manufacturing enterprise in China. The company has a strong sales network. Its products provide supporting facilities for more than 40 main engine plants, such as SAIC Volkswagen, SAIC GM, FAW Volkswagen, Beijing Benz, SAIC Motor, Dongfeng Nissan, Geely motor, SAIC GM Wuling, GAC passenger cars, Chang’an Ford, Great Wall Motor, Beijing Hyundai, Dongfeng Yueda Kia, BYD and BMW. The company’s products continue to iterate. From R & D, production and sales of automotive generators and starter motors to new motorized products, 48V belt type and non belt type automotive electric generator, as well as gearbox control unit, inverter and power converter, Valeo’s forward-looking research results lead the automotive electronics industry and bring technological innovation again and again.


United Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. (Booth No.: hall 2 2b090), established in 1995, is a joint venture between Zoomlion Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. and German Robert Bosch Co., Ltd. in China. Headquartered in Pudong New Area, Shanghai, the company has production bases in Shanghai, Wuxi, Xi’an, Wuhu, Liuzhou and Taicang, and technology centers in Shanghai, Chongqing, Wuhu, Liuzhou and Suzhou. With solid local R & D and production capacity, United Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. is committed to providing customers with advanced and complete vehicle powertrain and body control system solutions, and actively contribute to energy conservation and environmental protection. The company is mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of gasoline engine management system, transmission control system, advanced Internet connection, hybrid power and electric drive control system.


Shanghai Huizhong Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Booth No.: hall 2 2b083), founded on January 11, 1992, is a national enterprise technology center, Shanghai high-tech enterprise and Shanghai patent pilot enterprise. It is a wholly-owned holding enterprise of SAIC Huayu Automobile System Co., Ltd. The company has 2 R & D centers, 18 domestic production bases, 6 joint ventures and 3 overseas institutions in the United States, Germany and India. The company’s products cover a0-c cars, SUVs, MPVS and other passenger cars and commercial vehicle chassis systems. Shanghai Huizhong has domestic first-class process manufacturing level, independent equipment development ability, product measurement planning ability and international first-class passenger car chassis system testing ability. With complete process ability, lean manufacturing system and efficient organization and operation, it provides customers with high-quality products and services. Shanghai Huizhong is a core supporting supplier of SAIC Volkswagen, SAIC GM and SAIC passenger cars under SAIC Group. At the same time, it provides synchronous R & D and product manufacturing for domestic independent brands such as Geely Automobile, BYD automobile, GAC passenger car, Chang’an Automobile and BAIC new energy. In 2018, it became the first state-owned enterprise supplier of BMW’s global chassis module business. The company receives supplier awards from customers every year.

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Huayu Automotive Systems Co., Ltd. (Booth No.: hall 2 2B130) is the largest comprehensive listed company of auto parts in the domestic A-share market. It is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of independently supplied auto parts, and its main business covers six business segments of “auto interior and exterior decoration, functional parts, electronics and appliances, metal forming and mold, thermal processing and new energy”. As a leading supplier of ADAS intelligent driving products in China, Huayu automotive electronics branch can support customers to realize intelligent driving functions of L3 and above based on independently developed millimeter wave radar, vision sensor, integrated navigation and positioning system and intelligent driving domain controller, as well as reliable software platform, fusion algorithm, function algorithm and path planning; At the same time, relying on new products such as 4D imaging radar and ultra short range radar, as well as flexible software and hardware configuration, we provide customers with customized intelligent driving solutions.


Lianchuang Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. (Booth No.: hall 2 2b092), established on April 12, 2006, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SAIC Group. Focusing on the R & D and production of automotive electronics and appliances, the company is the main supporting unit for the R & D of automotive electronics and appliances of SAIC’s own brand. It is the electronic product development strategic platform and core parts enterprise of SAIC Group. Under the trend of “electrification, intelligent networking, sharing and internationalization” of the automotive industry, the company is positioned in the field of automotive intelligence, gives consideration to automotive intelligent networking and electrification, successively arranges three major businesses: advanced chassis control, intelligent driving computing platform and Internet of vehicles intelligent terminal, and vigorously develops intelligent steering system (IEPS) Intelligent braking system and other advanced chassis electronic products (IBS / ESC), and simultaneously break through intelligent driving decision control system (IUC), advanced driving assistance system (ADAS), on-board intelligent terminal (T-box / I-box) and other products.

The automotive electronics Pavilion of the 98th China Electronics Exhibition gathers well-known upstream and downstream enterprises of automotive electronics, leads the latest industrial technology direction, and serves customers with professional and high-quality services. We look forward to meeting you.


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On the supply side of basic electronics, the exhibition specially set up the electronic components Hall (Hall E1), focusing on two plates, namely:

① Electronic components: including passive components, semiconductor discrete devices, connectors, 5g core components, special electronic components, electronic materials, etc.

② Integrated circuit and application: including microcontroller, third generation semiconductor, FPGA, power management, digital to analog converter, sensor, etc.

In terms of basic electronic applications, this exhibition has newly expanded the six innovative application fields of 5g and Internet of things, automotive electronics, defense electronics, industrial electronics, consumer electronics and medical electronics, mainly displayed in 5g and aiot application Hall (Hall E2), including:

① 5g & aiot application section: including the application of 5g, AI, Nb IOT, cat. 1, WiFi, ZigBee, zeta and other technologies in industrial Internet, smart connected vehicle, smart community, smart home, smart city and other scenarios.

② Automotive electronics: including vehicle specification semiconductor manufacturers, radar, navigation, driving recorder, reversing image, automatic driving and ADAS auxiliary driving system, and intelligent cockpit components manufacturers.

③ Defense electronics: including special electronic components (light sensing devices, high-performance integrated circuits, embedded systems, new sensors, microwave RF devices, wires and cables), electronic functional materials, integrated circuit design software, instruments, process equipment, standards and testing institutions, etc.

④ Industrial Electronics: including intelligent manufacturing, robots, smart factories, etc.

⑤ Consumer electronics: including wearable, mobile intelligent terminal, smart home, etc.

⑥ Medical Electronics: including medical semiconductors, medical devices, imaging sensing portable medical devices, etc.

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