March 20: couch live is a new free app that allows users to meet friends, hang out and watch movies in the virtual living room. The difference between couch live and bigscreen is that the avatar is created by self photographing, so it is the user’s real face, and it also supports non VR users.

The launch of couch live allows users to meet their friends in the virtual living room

This means that VR users, mobile phone users and desktop PC users all share the same space and go out to play together. Users can quickly set up an account on the website and upload self photos to generate avatars. It doesn’t look surprising, but at least it’s a good solution to avoid the cartoon like avatars used by other platforms. There are two rooms to choose from: the living room and the empty black room. Users can choose to stream content from their PC and generate shareable links for someone to join from any device they like.

“Users can invite friends into their rooms through links, and they can create their own avatars using self portraits,” said Devon Bradley, founder of couch live. It’s a good way to get along with friends from afar. I built it to spend more time with my family scattered all over the United States. What’s important to me is that even if I’m using VR and they’re joining the conference via iPhone, they’ll still feel like they’re in my room. “


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