The new products support the upcoming ROS 2 communication protocol, so as to accelerate the development and promote the vigorous development of the robot market

Renesas Electronics will accelerate the development of robot system by expanding the functions of Renesas electronics high-performance 32-bit rx65n series microcontroller (MCU), and support dds-xrce (data distribution service in extremely resource constrained environment), so as to promote the intellectualization of industrial terminals. Dds-xrce is one of the upcoming ROS 2 communication protocol standards. Renesas Electronics’ support for dds-xrce architecture helps to develop software to control sensors and actuators embedded in robot system terminals, such as rehabilitation escort, safety protection, reception, cleaning, household robots and other robot terminals.


Robot operating system (ROS) is an important framework. By providing libraries and tools, developers can bring innovative applications to the robot development community. The market has a new demand for extending ROS to embedded MCU, which accelerates the development of service robot. The development of ROS 2 will meet these market needs.

Renesas electronics integrates eprosima micro xrce-dds client on rx65n MCU, and adopts two development boards based on rx65n MCU, one as the sensor of robot eyes and nose, and the other as the actuator of robot hands and legs. With rx65n supporting dds-xrce, users will be able to develop software for sensors, actuators and motor control mounted on the robot system terminal. Renesas electronics has verified the normal operation of the control and communication functions of these devices through dds-xrce. All software used in this demonstration is open source and will be available in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Brian gerkey, CEO of open robotics, said, “we are pleased to see Renesas electronics expand ROS 2 into embedded microcontrollers through its support for dds-xrce. This will further promote the development of ROS community.”

Jaime Martin LOSA, CEO of eprosima, said, “we are pleased that Renesas electronics has chosen eprosima as the main dds-xrce solution. We are a leading network middleware expert and quickly deploy ROS 2 into embedded microcontrollers by working with leading MCU companies like Renesas electronics.”

Renesas electronics has always actively supported the development of ROS community. It is the gold sponsor of roscon JP 2018 held in Tokyo on September 14, 2018 and the bronze sponsor of roscon 2018 held in Madrid, Spain on September 29 and 30, 2018.  


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