After the outbreak of New Coronavirus pneumonia, the Columbia University and Kobe University in Japan announced that the study proved that the far UVC light with a wavelength of 222nm can inactivate the coronavirus and is safe for the skin.

Recently, Columbia University announced the latest research results, which proved that far UVC light could kill seasonal coronavirus transmitted by air droplets, and the inactivation rate was 99.9%. The person in charge of the study pointed out that the use of far UVC light to continuously disinfect the air in the occupied indoor environment within the limits of laws and regulations can greatly reduce the virus in the air.

The latest research shows that far UVC light with a wavelength of 222 nm can kill 99.9% of live coronavirus

It is reported that the research team has previously proved that far UVC ray can kill the influenza virus transmitted in the air safely, and this time they extend their research to seasonal coronavirus, which is similar to the structure of New Coronavirus.

In the course of the study, researchers atomized two common coronaviruses with aerosols, and the coronavirus aerosol was then moved in front of the far UVC lamp. After irradiation, the researchers tested how many viruses survived.

Based on the research results, the researchers estimated that the inactivation rate of airborne virus was 90% when exposed to far UVC light for 8 minutes within the limits of existing laws and regulations; After irradiation for 11 minutes, the inactivation rate was 95%; After 16 minutes of irradiation, the inactivation rate was 99%; After 25 minutes of irradiation, the inactivation rate was 99.9%.

At the same time, the researchers also tested the effect of far UVC light on air borne New Coronavirus. Preliminary data show that far UVC is also effective in killing New Coronavirus. The research leader said that far UVC light could not really distinguish the type of coronavirus, so the team expected that it could kill New Coronavirus in the same way.

By proving the efficacy of far UVC light with a wavelength of 222 nm in killing airborne viruses, the researchers believe that the disinfection system based on far UVC light can be safely used in medical institutions, buses, planes, trains, railway stations, schools, restaurants, offices, cinemas, gyms and other manned indoor public places, so as to reduce the risk of human transmission of coronavirus, influenza and other viruses.

At present, the study has been published in the journal scientific reports.

According to ledinside, in the first half of this year, there have been many disputes about the efficacy of 222nm UVC light and its safety to human body, and the relevant research teams are also continuing to carry out research. Among them, for the security of 222nm UVC, the industry still looks forward to more in-depth research to prove the preliminary results.

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