On June 8, 2021, Qualcomm announced the launch of seven new solutions: Qualcomm qcs8250, Qualcomm qcs6490 / qcm6490, Qualcomm qcs4290 / qcm4290 and Qualcomm qcs2290 / qcm2290 to expand support for the Internet of things ecosystem and help promote the popularity of the next generation of Internet of things terminals. Realizing the vision of interconnection of all things has created unprecedented opportunities. At present, Qualcomm is enabling the ecosystem of more than 13000 Internet of things customers to help the industry accelerate the development of networking products and promote digital transformation.

The above solutions range from entry-level to top-level platforms to expand many industrial and commercial Internet of things applications. Qualcomm’s latest Internet of things solutions are designed to help meet the expanding ecological needs of the Internet of things in key market segments, including transportation and logistics, warehousing, video collaboration, smart cameras, retail and medical.

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Roger F, senior vice president and general manager of intelligent connectivity business of Qualcomm technologies, said: “Qualcomm technologies has the unique advantage of leading the ecological development of the Internet of things through system level solutions. Together with the recently launched Qualcomm 315 5g Internet of things modem, the new Internet of things solution further proves our commitment to promoting global digital transformation and transforming industrial and enterprise Internet of things applications through rich solutions to achieve leading performance and seamless connectivity. We believe in the power of technology, support the ecosystem through effective innovation and solutions, create a new way to connect, work and communicate with the world, and enrich people’s lives. The new Internet of things solution marks an important step towards this goal. “

The above seven new IOT solutions provide rich features for a wide range of intelligent terminals and networking solutions, and bring longer software and hardware maintenance and support cycle options, which can provide long-term support for at least eight years:

Qualcomm qcs8250 | target applications: networked medical, digital signage, retail and video collaboration

Qualcomm qcs8250 is the next-generation top-level solution of Qualcomm technologies, which is optimized to provide the highest performance for edge side computing intensive AI applications with the highest energy efficiency, and supports Qualcomm Wi Fi 6 solution and 5g connection. The solution is via Qualcomm kryo ™ 585 CPU architecture, Qualcomm AI engine and powerful image signal processor (ISP) achieve top performance, which can support the concurrency of up to 7 cameras, and the coding capacity can be up to 4K and 120 frames / second. This powerful solution not only provides a new neural processing unit (NPU) for highly intuitive AI features, but also brings machine learning functions for computing intensive Internet of things applications, enabling smart cameras, video collaboration, AI hub, networked medical and smart retail. The solution is designed for industrial and commercial Internet of things applications, provides the ultimate performance experience through flexible options enabled by the third-party ecosystem, and accelerates large-scale deployment and commercialization.

Qualcomm qcs6490 / qcm6490 | target applications: networked healthcare, logistics management, retail, transportation and warehousing

Qualcomm qcs6490 and Qualcomm qcm6490 are Qualcomm technologies’ first Internet of things solutions optimized specifically for high-end Internet of things terminals, designed to provide top-level features, including global 5g connectivity and ultra-high speed Wi Fi 6e. With kryo 670 CPU architecture, the solution provides powerful performance and is designed for industrial and commercial Internet of things applications, such as transportation, warehousing, networked medical, logistics management and retail POS terminals. The solution supports 5g millimeter wave / sub-6ghz and Wi Fi 6e, and supports the latest generation of rugged handheld devices and tablets, industrial scanners and man-machine interface systems. Compared with previous generation solutions, this solution provides powerful performance while reducing power consumption through advanced edge AI and computing realized by powerful connection, lower latency, dynamic three ISP and 6th generation Qualcomm AI engine.

Qualcomm qcs4290 / qcm4290 | target applications: cameras, industrial handheld devices and security panels

Qualcomm qcs4290 and Qualcomm qcm4290 maximize the benefits and provide greater performance for midrange devices. With the kryo 260 CPU architecture and the higher speed and robust and reliable terminal side performance achieved by the 3rd generation Qualcomm AI engine, the platform provides powerful performance, dynamic camera function and a wide range of connection options (supporting LTE cat13 and Wi Fi 6-ready connection). It is an ideal choice for industrial and commercial IOT applications, such as industrial handheld devices in logistics and warehousing Security panel and camera. Facing the increasing demand for terminal side intelligence, the terminal adopting this new solution will help create a productive and efficient working environment.

Qualcomm qcs2290 / qcm2290 | target applications: camera applications, industrial handheld devices, retail and asset tracking

As stable and mature entry-level solutions, Qualcomm qcs2290 and Qualcomm qcm2290 bring reliable performance and lower energy consumption through LTE connection, upgrade features and memory support. The entry-level solution adopts cortex A53 CPU architecture, which is cost-effective and provides higher performance, stronger graphics processing power, better image quality and better energy efficiency. The platform is suitable for retail POS, industrial handheld devices, asset tracking and camera applications. In addition, qcs2290 / qcm2290 baseband chips are compatible with qcs4290 / qcm4290 pins, which will help customers use hardware and software across a variety of IOT devices to reduce costs and shorten business time.


Qualcomm qcs8250, Qualcomm qcs4290 / qcm4290 and Qualcomm qcs2290 / qcm2290 solutions are now available. Qualcomm qcs6490 / qcm6490 solutions will be available in the second half of 2021.

Qualcomm technologies’ new solutions are driving future technology development and enabling next-generation IOT ecosystem Innovation:

Ruixuan Technology

Sam Wu, President of Rui Xuan technology, said: “under the tremendous influence of COVID-19, video conference system has become an essential function. The launch of Qualcomm qcs8250 supports Ruixuan technology to provide well-designed audio and video processing products to achieve zero distance and interference free communication. “


Aiden Mitchell, vice president of global supplier and engineering services of iResearch, said: “through cooperation with Qualcomm technologies, we have introduced Qualcomm qcs8250 into iResearch’s expanding product line. IResearch can provide a comprehensive combination of entry-level to top Internet of things solutions. Through engineering services, strong ecosystem and global supply chain, iResearch supports customers in large-scale product development, design and deployment. “

Round exhibition

Xu Qiyu, general manager of yuanzhan technology, said: “as the world’s leading provider of conference cameras and indoor solutions, we are pleased to see Qualcomm technologies launch Qualcomm qcs8250, which enables us to remain competitive and bring better unified communication and collaboration (UC & C) solutions to the video conference ecosystem.”


Parag Mehta, chief business development officer of einfochips, a subsidiary of iResearch electronics, said: “einfochips looks forward to adopting Qualcomm qcs8250 in our solutions. We value intelligent imaging and machine vision solutions, so einfuchips is excited about Qualcomm technologies’ launch of Qualcomm qcs8250 solution. Einfuchips has more than 25 years of product design experience. We plan to use Qualcomm qcs8250 solution to enable collaborative terminals, intelligent robots, augmented reality / virtual reality (AR / VR) devices, home / industrial automation, intelligent cameras and other intelligent terminals. “


Ying Lingpeng, CEO of guanghetong, said: “Qualcomm technologies’ launch of the latest Internet of things solutions is an exciting step in the global popularization of the next generation of Internet of things terminals. Combined with guanghetong end-to-end IOT module and wireless communication solutions, the above new solutions will bring powerful, intelligent and revolutionary IOT solutions for a wide range of industries and vertical applications. “


Kevin DeHoff, President of Honeywell productivity solutions and services, said: “when Honeywell designs and builds mobile terminals for global workers, we want to ensure a high level of enterprise performance, connectivity and edge computing to enable next-generation applications. In the development of innovative mobile computers, based on the long-term partnership between Honeywell and Qualcomm technologies, we continue to adopt Qualcomm’s latest Internet of things solutions to provide customers with strong processing power, promote and enhance the experience of enterprise employees and their customers, and effectively promote productivity. “

Hongpei Electronics

Eric Cheng, President of Hongpei electronics, said: “as a leading distributor of Internet of things solutions in Taiwan, we have strong application insight and provide customers with all-round support from concept, design to manufacturing. As a leading AI computing platform, Qualcomm qcs8250 can help us support customers to launch an Internet of things platform supporting high-performance and low-power computing in the first half of 2022, including the smarc module of Guangji technology and the video conference solution of yuanzhan technology. “

Guangji Technology

Chen Younan, deputy executive director of Guangji technology, said: “with the recommendation of Hongpei electronics, we have adopted the next-generation top processor Qualcomm qcs8250 in Guangji technology smarc module based on Qualcomm Technology, which brings high energy efficiency, excellent performance and 4K video resolution of 120 frames per second, making the smarc module a high-end multi display / multi camera sign, interactive whiteboard (IWB) Ideal for video conferencing or retail analytics applications. “


Paul pickle, President and CEO of Lantronix, said: “the new Qualcomm qcs8250 platform brings exciting new features to developers in the smart video market. This platform enables Lantronix to provide customers in the Internet of things vertical market with the ability to quickly enter the market, especially in the fields of video collaboration, smart city, intelligent display and AI retail cabinet. Qualcomm qcs8250 will promote next-generation video development by solving key video processing and delay problems, and Lantronix looks forward to participating. “

MEG intelligence

Du Guobin, CEO of MEG smart, said: “as the world’s leading provider of wireless communication modules for the Internet of things, MEG smart is very excited about Qualcomm technologies’ launch of the next generation of Internet of things solutions. The above new solutions will support MEG intelligent to develop the next generation of Internet of things applications and create a new generation of Internet of things applications and ecosystem expansion. “


Luo Shaowen, executive vice president of Baifu, said: “the latest Internet of things solution launched by Qualcomm technologies has taken a strong step towards promoting the retail market and the Internet of things ecosystem, making it possible for the global popularization of the next generation of terminals. We are proud to work with Qualcomm technologies to continue to drive market growth and ecosystem development. “

Mobile communication

Qian penghe, CEO of mobile communications, said: “Qualcomm’s new Internet of things solution marks an exciting step forward in the popularization of the world’s next-generation Internet of things terminals. The above solutions are highly compatible with the existing 5g and LTE modules of mobile communication, and support customers to speed up their product design and achieve rapid launch. We are proud to work with Qualcomm technologies to continue to promote the development of animal networking. “

Shang mi

Zhang Jinpu, chief operating officer of shangmi, said: “Qualcomm technologies’ launch of the latest Internet of things solution is an exciting step in the process of popularizing the next generation of POS terminals around the world. Combined with the flagship products of shangmi technology, the above new solutions will bring powerful, intelligent and revolutionary terminals to a wide range of industries and vertical applications. “

Rihai intelligence

Yang Tao, CEO of rihai intelligence, said: “rihai intelligence is committed to using advanced Internet of things technology to develop one-stop solutions from 5g modules to smart communities for the Internet of things ecosystem. Qualcomm technologies’ latest Internet of things solutions will enable us to develop next-generation products, provide end-to-end 5g solutions, intelligent industrial applications, and help enterprises stay ahead of the industry with cutting-edge Internet of things technologies. “

Chuangtong Lianda

Cai Rong, CEO of chuangtong Lianda, said: “as the world’s leading provider of Internet of things products and solutions, chuangtong Lianda has many years of experience and technical expertise in the field of AI and Internet of things. We are proud to accelerate the customer development cycle and business cycle through end-to-end solutions. We look forward to enabling customers to design and build intelligent Internet of things technologies for different industries through Qualcomm technologies’ new Internet of things solutions to promote the development of the next generation of Internet of things. “


Tungwen Tu, conference product director of Tiffany professional audio department, said: “Tiffany, a global leader in audio ODM services, is working with Qualcomm technologies to bring an integrated audio and video conference platform to the market by using the video collaboration machine equipped with Qualcomm qcs8250. The video all-in-one machine can support up to three video streams, two 52 million pixel sensors and TOF cameras equipped with wide-angle lenses, and is equipped with modular Wi Fi 6 connection. Tiffany also works with built-in speakers and audio solution providers to bring users a first-class video collaboration experience. The independent architecture supported by Qualcomm qcs8250 is very important to realize the application certification of today’s leading video collaboration software. “


Francois gariepy, chief technology officer of videori, said: “as an early adopter of Qualcomm qcs8250, videori sincerely thanks Qualcomm technologies and its world-class engineers and developers. Qualcomm qcs8250 chip has powerful graphics and neural network processing capabilities and integrated Wi Fi 6 functions. It will become the cornerstone of our next-generation AI retail visual experience platform.”

Zebra technique

Julie Johnson, vice president of product management of zebra technology, said: “based on the long-term strategic partnership between the two sides, we congratulate Qualcomm technologies on launching these advanced solutions. This innovation enables us to more flexibly create appropriate technology solutions based on our customers’ specific needs. “

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