Apple’s new airpods are on sale this month.

According to the news on March 22, some netizens posted airpods with laser engraving on their microblogs. As shown in the picture, the netizen engraved the Republic of gamers on the airpods wireless charging box.

Rog player country forwarded the microblog, saying “there is no sense of disobedience.”.

The laser engraving of airpods wireless charging box is damaged by the netizens, it's no violation

It is reported that the new airpods offer two options in Apple’s online store. The price of the new airpods is 1279 yuan with a charging box, 1599 yuan with a wireless charging box, and 679 yuan for a single wireless charging box.

According to the official introduction, airpods is equipped with a new Apple H1 headset chip, which can establish a faster and more stable wireless connection with the device. The fastest switching between associated devices is twice as fast as before, and the fastest connection is 1.5 times when receiving and making calls.

In addition, the H1 chip also supports voice activation of Siri, and can reduce game latency by up to 30%. Whether you play games, listen to music or listen to podcasts, you can enjoy excellent sound quality.

In terms of battery life, according to Apple’s official website, a single charge of airpods can not only let you enjoy listening for five hours, but also can provide up to three hours of talk time. In addition, the power stored in the charging box can charge the headset several times, so that the total listening time of airpods can exceed 24 hours.

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