Recently, the well-known technology website chargerlab released a dialogue on twitter, which shows that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 11 will support usb-c charging head. However, the interface of the mobile phone will still be lightning interface. In other words, apple is likely to come with an adapter.

The iPhone 11 may provide a usb-c charging head

Previously, according to DIGITIMES, Apple will still release three new iPhones this year. The appearance is consistent with previous rumors, and will be upgraded to the rear multi camera scheme (three photos for iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro, and two photos for iPhone 11 Pro max). The front screen will still adopt the banged screen scheme, and the size has not changed, but the 3D touch function will be cancelled in the whole line.

The iPhone 11 may provide a usb-c charging head

It is worth mentioning that the informant also said that the battery capacity of the three new iPhones will increase this year, with a maximum increase of 20%. From this point of view, although the of 3D touch will really regret many users who often use this function, it is believed that it will win the favor of many users in exchange for better battery life.

In other aspects, the three new iPhones this year will be equipped with A13 bionic processor. The chip adopts TSMC 7Nm process, and its performance and power consumption will be further improved compared with the previous generation. In addition, this year’s three new iPhones will also be equipped with 18W usb-c power adapter and lightning to USB type-C data cable as standard, and support reverse wireless charging function.

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