Although the outside world has been singing down the iPad, Apple has proved its value with practical actions.

According to the latest report from market research firm IDC, apple expanded its leading position in the global tablet Market in the fourth quarter of 2019: its market share increased by 36.5% due to strong demand for the new 10.2-inch iPad.

In fact, the new 10.2-inch iPad continues to sell well, mainly due to Apple’s more people friendly pricing strategy. Of course, they will not give up profits because the iPad Pro Series is responsible for the profits of the whole iPad.

During the important holiday season, apple maintained its dominant position in the tablet market, with a market share of 36.5%, up 22.7% from 12.9 million units shipped in the previous quarter and 29.6% in the same period last year. The annual index shows a similar result, with apple accounting for 34.6% of the 49.9 million iPad shipments, and the market share increased by 15.2%. In 2018, its shipment volume was 43.3 million units.

The iPad dominates the tablet market, and apple has proved its value with practical actions

Samsung lagged behind apple in the fourth quarter, with 7 million units shipped and a market share of 16.1%, down 7.4% from 7.6 million units in the same period of 2018, with a market share of 17.3%. The South Korean technology giant’s total Tablet PC shipment in 2019 was 21.7 million units, down 7.2% from 2018.

Huawei and Amazon ranked third and fourth with 4 million and 3.3 million units respectively. Huawei is down 2.8% compared with the same period in 2018, but Amazon is down 29% in the same period. Despite poor sales during the holiday season, Amazon and apple are the only two companies to grow their shipments in the tough year of 2019.

Lenovo ranked in the top five with 2.5 million units shipped, accounting for 5.8% of the market share in the fourth quarter, up 8.3% year on year. The annual shipment volume decreased by 4.3% from 8.8 million to 8.5 million, consistent with the industry trend. It’s worth mentioning that apple is about to update its iPad product line, and the new iPad Pro will provide three rear cameras, as well as other major upgrades.

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