While adding new functions, reduce design constraints and reduce board level space

Texas Instruments (TI) announced the launch of two new devices that can help tablet designers simplify their design. Tca8424 is the first human-machine interface device (HID) using I2C 128 key keyboard controller in the industry. It does not need to program the device in the production stage, which can simplify the design and accelerate the product listing process. The keyboard controller can provide a low-cost seamless scheme of connecting the keyboard for windows 8-based systems. Sn65dsi85 is a digital component serial interface (DSI) for flatlink interface IC, which can help designers connect graphics processor and LCD panel more conveniently at lower cost. Sn65dsi85 can support up to 2560 on tablets, netbooks and mobile Internet devices × 1600p resolution. For more details about tca8424 and sn65dsi85, please visit: and.

Main features and advantages of tca8424:

• extended keyboard support: up to 128 (8) × 16) Key scanning supports not only the standard keyboard, but also more customized keys such as volume control, brightness control, forward / backward / stop / replay / home page. Similar competitive keyboard controllers only support 80 keys;

• unique synchronous key detection: fixed length 8-byte input report is a unique technology of Ti, which can detect up to 14 keys (including modification keys) pressed at the same time, so as to allow the terminal device to be used in games and other applications;

• hardware coded hid and report descriptors: the software can be easily integrated into the system, which can simplify the design and accelerate the product launch process.

Main features and advantages of sn65dsi85:

• optimized Mipi DSI interface: dual four channel Mipi DSI port of dual link 18 / 24bpp flatlink, compatible with wqxga (2500) supporting up to 60 frames per second × 1600p) various graphics processors with resolution;

• minimum package size: 5mm × 5mm PBGA package is 20% smaller than similar competitive devices, which can save PCB area for mobile applications with limited space;

• higher video bandwidth support: the working frequency of LVDS pixel clock is up to 154 MHz, 20% higher than that of similar competitive products. Each DSI channel runs at a rate of 1 Gbps, provides a maximum input bandwidth of 8 Gbps, and supports industry-leading data throughput.

Tools and support

Tca8424evm can show the functions and advantages of tca8424 in keyboard scanner application, which can be ordered now. IBIS model and user guide are also provided.

In addition, Ti also provides various tools and support to accelerate the development of sn65dsi85, including Ibis and HSPICE models, DSI tuner software, hardware implementation guide, video configuration guide and configuration tool software user manual.

Supply and packaging

6mm × 6 mm × Tca8424 in 1mm 40 pin vqfn package is now available. Synchronous supply also adopts 5mm × 5 mm × Sn65dsi85 in 1mm, 64 solder ball PBGA package.

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