Introduction: as the value realization link of deep integration of Internet of things and vertical industry, application layer needs tens of millions of developers to participate in it. Global aiot platform graffiti intelligence provides developers with sufficient development resources and tools, which significantly reduces the threshold of IOT device development.

With the popularization of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud services, connection protocols and other innovative technologies and the decline of application costs, the Internet of things is closely following the Internet, replacing the network connection of the virtual world with the physical world, opening a new era of “Internet of things”.

Internet of things (IOT) is a new type of information network, which is an extension and expansion based on the Internet. The Internet of things is different from the traditional communication between people, which realizes the interconnection between people and things.

The devices in the Internet of things collect environment, location, status and other information through sensors, transmit and exchange data through various connection protocols, and finally realize the intelligent tracking, identification, monitoring and management of goods, which greatly improves the management efficiency.

According to the difference of information transmission links and technical architecture, the Internet of things can be divided into four layers, namely perception layer, access layer, network layer and application layer.

The perception layer is the basic part of the Internet of things, including a variety of sensors, cameras, two-dimensional codes, readers, RFID tags and readers / writers, positioning devices and other data acquisition equipment, responsible for the task of identifying and collecting information.

The main function of access layer is to complete the networking of equipment and the sending and receiving of information. After the completion of networking, the sensing layer devices upload data through the access layer, and the application layer transmits data through the access layer, in which the access layer plays a connecting role.

The Internet of things is closely following the Internet, opening a new era of "Internet of things"

The function of network layer takes data as the core, including data storage, query, analysis, mining, understanding and decision-making technology based on perception layer data. Carrier communication network is the foundation of network layer, and cloud platform, data center and other facilities are also important components of network layer.

If the first three layers are the infrastructure in the field of Internet of things, the application layer is the link to realize the value of Internet of things and the deep integration of Internet of things and vertical industry. For example, products such as intelligent air conditioner, intelligent door lock, intelligent TV and intelligent light used by consumers in daily life are intuitive embodiment of application layer devices.

In recent years, the market scale of Internet of things is growing, and the industry will continue to boom. As the global population growth slows down, the traditional mobile Internet devices represented by mobile phones will tend to be saturated and grow slowly. As an extension of the Internet, the Internet of things has brought a new round of explosion of networking devices, and the number of device connections contains a huge amount of room for growth. Many institutions around the world are very optimistic about the number of Internet of things connections. Referring to Ericsson’s forecast data, the number of Internet of things wide area and local area connections will exceed 15 billion by 2021. According to IDC’s forecast, the global market of Internet of things industry will reach 1.7 trillion US dollars in 2020.

However, compared with the perception layer, access layer and network layer, the development path of application layer is very different. The former is more like the infrastructure in the field of Internet of things, which can be built and promoted by several giant enterprises in the industry. However, the application layer of intelligent devices involves too many fields and types, which is difficult to be covered by several giants or all enterprises in a certain industry. Only by giving full play to the creativity of the whole society, can tens of millions of IOT developers devote themselves to the research and development of intelligent products, Only in this way can the ideal state of “interconnection of all things” be realized.

Based on this understanding, graffiti intelligence of global aiot platform is trying to let tens of millions of developers participate in aiot product development from the perspective of business model and underlying technology platform.

Graffiti intelligence is a global intelligent platform, “Ai + IOT” developer platform. Based on the graffiti IOT development platform, developers can quickly realize the intelligent device through the networking module, reduce the difficulty and cycle of intelligent core hardware research and development, and complete the research and development work from “traditional device” to “intelligent device” as soon as 10 minutes. 5 minutes to complete the private brand app, 8 hours to complete product samples, 15 days to achieve mass production, quickly “rewrite” the DNA of traditional equipment, to achieve intelligent transformation.

Graffiti intelligence wants developers to focus on the development of high-quality products without spending a lot of energy on Intelligent related work. From networking module, cloud service, control end app to vertical industry SaaS… Graffiti intelligence has provided a complete set of mature and perfect development tools. Developers can use them immediately. At the same time, as a platform, graffiti intelligence has gathered massive resources for customers, including channels, services, operations, local customer service, third-party applications, so as to reduce the obstacles of large-scale commercial landing of products as much as possible.

Recently, in order to accelerate the maturity and landing of aiot industry ecology and cultivate more developers for the industry, graffiti intelligence will open the spring session of 2020 global intelligent business summit from May 27 to May 29. Google, TCL, Blu ray group, Lenovo and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad will be invited to attend the conference. Nearly 100 brands, channels, traders and investment institutions will meet business needs online, and lighting, lighting, lighting and other services will be provided Security, electrical, home appliances and other manufacturing enterprises, as well as developers in artificial intelligence, Internet of things, cloud computing, big data and other fields, will jointly discuss the construction of aiot open ecology and the implementation of solutions.

The summit is the world’s first bilingual online summit in the aiot industry. It aims to enable global elites to participate at the same time and provide an open export for global businesses closed by the epidemic. The summit has already been opened. Please check the front page of the doodle smart website or pay attention to the official account of “global intelligent business”.

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