Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other five departments jointly issued the Action Plan for Accelerating the Green and Low-Carbon Innovative Development of Electric Power Equipment (hereinafter referred to as the Action Plan). After 5-8 years, the supply structure of electric power equipment has been significantly improved, and the transmission and distribution efficiency of the power grid has been significantly improved. , high-end, intelligent, green development and demonstration applications continue to accelerate, and international competitiveness is further enhanced, basically meeting the needs of new power system construction that adapts to a high proportion of non-fossil energy and large-scale access.

my country is the largest energy consumer in the world. Electricity is a key area in the transition to clean and low-carbon energy. Promoting its green transition is the top priority to achieve carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.

In August of this year, many provinces and cities across the country faced the dilemma of power cuts. Even Sichuan, known as the country’s major hydropower province, was difficult to “cook without rice” due to continuous high temperature and low rainfall. The power shortage was serious, shopping malls and subways turned off lights to save electricity, and factories “rested” “Provide electricity for the people. Power curtailment is a symptom, and the reason is the insufficient optimization of the power energy structure and the low efficiency of power grid transmission and distribution. The proposal of the “Action Plan” can improve the supply capacity of renewable energy power generation equipment, alleviate problems such as insufficient power supply and insufficient power allocation, and accelerate the construction of new power systems.

Compared with the traditional power grid, the power grid development of the new power system will form a pattern dominated by large power grids and the coexistence of various power grid forms. A large number of new energy sources and new loads are connected, and the problem of plug and play.

Then, how to interconnect various electrical devices and their massive information in the new multi-source and heterogeneous power system to effectively improve the security and intelligence of the power supply and distribution system, and how to distinguish the types and priorities of electricity consumption on the power consumption side It is a challenge to build a new power system to carry out precise load control and reduce the impact of one-size-fits-all power outages.

Advanced IoT wireless communication technology will play a huge role in the green and low-carbon development of power equipment and the construction of new power systems, connecting massive terminal equipment and data, and solving the “last mile” access communication problem. Especially in today’s accelerated integration of 5G into thousands of industries, through the power 5G private network, 5G energy controller, 5G fusion terminal and other power 5G terminals, distributed photovoltaics, electric vehicle charging piles, etc. scattered in the distribution-power network can be used. Massive terminal equipment is effectively monitored and dispatched to provide stable, reliable, safe, economical and efficient access to meet the new power system business development trend of massive terminal access, frequent information exchange, and control extending to the end.

Since 2009, Neoway has been deeply involved in the digital and intelligent upgrade of the power industry, providing stable, reliable and secure access and communication for the power Internet of Things. So far, Neoway has ranked first in the market share of China’s power Internet of Things industry for 13 consecutive years, and has continued to make efforts in the power Internet of Things market in Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions. Market share first. The products are widely used in multiple power scenarios such as power centralized reading, transmission and distribution inspection, substation equipment monitoring, and energy storage equipment management. Under the dual carbon goal, in September 2021, Neoway Technology, Ant Chain and Ingen Technology jointly released the Cat.1 blockchain module supporting Ant Chain, providing AntChain MaaS (AntChain Module-as-a-Service) for distributed smart energy. -a-Service) services, empowering financial services, smart energy consumption management, carbon asset development and carbon trading, carbon neutrality data credibility and other business fields. Help customers in energy, transportation, finance, smart city, industry, agriculture and other industries to realize one-stop on-chain service of carbon usage and carbon emission data, and provide credible and shareable whole-process business data for all parties in the industry chain , to provide technical support for the digitization and data capitalization of enterprises, and help enterprises to achieve the “dual carbon” goal as soon as possible.

Countries around the world are paying more and more attention to optimizing the energy structure, and the Internet of Things technology is gradually becoming the basis for the optimization of the energy industry, especially the power structure. Neoway Technology has been focusing on the “connection” of the Internet of Things for 16 years, and will continue to help China’s power system improve its precise load control capabilities, and provide stable, reliable and secure access communication for the construction of new power systems.

Neoway focuses on providing IoT access communication products and services to customers such as IoT operators and smart connected product manufacturers. Products cover access cloud, pipeline cloud, 2G/3G/4G/5G/NB-IoT/eMTC and other cellular wireless communication modules and complete machines. It is with Neoway’s world-first access communication solution based on cloud-pipe-end architecture, the company can provide stable, reliable and secure access communication for the Internet of Things, making human society more environmentally friendly, more efficient and more convenient.

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