Beijing, China / Sunnyvale, California, USA – August 11, 2021 – the international high performance computing and Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee (hpcaiac), a non-profit international organization dedicated to promoting high performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) education and practice, announced today that the 9th Asia Pacific advanced RDMA programming seminar and competition (from August 22 to 29) was officially opened for registration. The event will include 4 and a half days of in-depth training and a 3-day formal competition. Participants will learn how to program and optimize using the latest advanced technologies to achieve efficient communication between servers and storage.

The 4-and-a-half-day seminar, supported by the world’s top experts, will provide courses, demonstrations and computer practice training for advanced RDMA programming. RDMA technology has been widely used in various fields such as HPC, AI, cloud computing, edge computing and industrial applications, telecommunications and financial services. It has become a key technology to realize efficient and scalable data transmission among edge systems, servers and storage platforms.

In addition to the advanced RDMA programming training, the experts of hpcaiac annual training and development seminar will also deeply introduce a variety of network offload technologies and related performance optimization technology training.

The members of the expert panel for the 2021 seminar and competition include:

  • Dhabaleswar (DK) panda – professor and distinguished scholar, Department of computer science and engineering, Ohio State University, USA
  • Gil Bloch – tutor of RDMA programming course at Hebrew University and Ben Gurion University in Jerusalem, Israel
  • Manjunath gorentla venkata – hpcaiac research scientist, former research scientist, Department of computer science and mathematics, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Li Cheng – special researcher of School of computer science and technology and advanced data system laboratory, University of science and technology of China
  • Zhai Jidong, head and associate professor of Computer Department of Tsinghua University
  • Zhang Yunquan – researcher, Institute of computing technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, director of parallel software laboratory, Secretary General of CCF tchpc, chairman of ACM sighpc, China

In order to fully prepare for the three-day programming competition, the participating teams will have the opportunity to share and discuss programming skills and insights with the expert group, and learn online courses. This competition plans to recruit 20 teams, with a maximum of 5 members per team. At the same time, individuals are accepted to participate in the competition and form teams with other individuals or teams where feasible. Please register before August 19.

“RDMA is the key technology to optimize applications and maximize overall performance. It is also the basic technology of advanced network computing technology. With more and more HPC and AI platforms integrated into the enterprise data center, enterprises’ demand for experienced programmers who master RDMA and network computing technology is also growing.” Mr. Gilad shainer, chairman of the high performance computing and Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee, said, “this seminar and competition provides a good practical learning platform and an opportunity to establish contacts with industry experts from all over the world.”

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