The Intel i9-9900ks processor will be available next month.

Some foreign e-commerce companies have started the pre-sale of 9900ks. It is comprehensively judged that the final retail price of this CPU should be about $600.

At present, the price of 9900k on new eggs is $495. In other words, 9900ks is expected to be more than $100.

The Intel i9-9900ks processor is expected to sell for about $600

The picture shows Australian dollars

This $100 is in exchange for:

I9-9900ks is actually an enhanced version of i9-9900k. It is also an 8-core 16 thread. The reference frequency is from 3.6ghz to 4.0ghz, and the full core acceleration is from 4.7ghz to 5.0ghz. The maximum acceleration of a single core is still 5.0ghz, and the thermal design power consumption is 127W.

In other words, the reference frequency is increased by 11%, the power consumption is increased by 34%, and the price is increased by 21%. Do you understand the conversion.

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