The integration of art and technology creates miracles. Tech oscilloscope is more than technologyThe perfect combination of testing and aesthetics makes Tektronix oscilloscope Da Vinci in the instrument industry.

Beijing, China, November 10, 2021 – with strong curiosity and unrestrained imagination, explore this unknown world and accomplish more impossibilities—— This is Tek and Leonardo Ÿ What Leonardo da Vinci has in common. Leonardo da Vinci is a perfect representative who bases his artistic achievements and technology beyond the times. Tektronix is the inventor of the world’s first commercial oscilloscope and the winner of the red dot design award. After generations of legend, he perfectly combines testing and aesthetics, making Tektronix oscillograph Leonardo da Vinci in the instrument industry.


Leonardo da Vinci is not only one of the three heroes of the Renaissance, but also a giant of science. He first designed the aircraft in 1493; The first humanoid robot was also his design; And the mechanical car he designed inspired the invention of modern automobile. His inventions completely exceeded the level of science and technology and civilization at that time.

Tektronix is the founder and innovator of commercial oscilloscope. Tektronix is the inventor of the world’s first oscilloscope. Today, with the high development of science and technology, in addition to the technical innovation brought by its excellent performance, the design and ease of use are also paid more and more attention. Tektronix’s new generation oscilloscope has won the red dot design award. Tektronix oscilloscope is not only technology, but also the perfect combination of art and technology! Choosing Tektronix oscilloscope is to choose classic and lead the future!


If this picture is given a sentence, it should be “salute the classics and imagine the future”. Below this mid-range oscilloscope is a Tektronix 556 analog oscilloscope, both of which have 8 channels. Dr. Timothy koeth pays tribute to the past and present technology with such an artistic demonstration.

In recent years, with the scientific and technological innovation of Tektronix oscilloscope, the pursuit of innovation at the artistic level is also tireless. Exploration is never-ending and lives for engineers. Tektronix oscilloscope accompanies engineers, educators and students every day and night.


Tbs1000c / tbs2000b basic oscilloscope, high cost performance, unforgettable large-size display, 7 / 9 inch and 15 grid horizontal division respectively; The display area increases by 50% and the brightness increases by 67%. Take on a new look and challenge the future!

The new generation of 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 Series Oscilloscopes, which come down in one continuous line, is an outstanding representative of Tektronix mixed signal mid-range oscilloscopes. After the legendary road of generations, Tektronix has created a new generation of mainstream oscilloscopes and brought customers a new cost performance and use experience. Its first is a 5-series mso5 mixed signal oscilloscope. Because the touch screen is loved by the industry, Tektronix 5 Series oscilloscope won the “2018 red dot design award”. The red dot design award enjoys a high reputation in the world. Its history can be traced back to 1955 and will be awarded to the best products, communication and design concepts. The red dot award comes from Germany. It is an industrial design award as famous as the if design award. It is one of the largest and most influential design competitions in the world. The red dot award, together with the German “if Award” and the American “Idea Award”, is known as the world’s three major design awards.


The latest high-end oscilloscope 8-series sampling oscilloscope platform tso820 has a volume of only 1 / 4 of that before, greatly saving the production line space; The pluggable modular design gives customers more choices, and the number of test channels can be increased or decreased freely according to production requirements. The 8 series host is a configurable compact instrument with an ultra-small modular shape on the market, only 3U high. This instrument is designed to maximize the utilization of rack space. It is especially suitable for optical device manufacturing applications. Users can quickly add new analysis functions, reconfigure the test system, and support the latest standards and workflow changes.

In your heart, who is Tektronix oscilloscope in the instrument industry? This video introduces you to the new generation of Tektronix oscilloscope with some very artistic instrument pictures. Welcome to watch.

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