The term “intelligent medical treatment” may be strange to you, but it is a concept put forward some time ago. Generally speaking, smart medicine is to closely combine patients with medical personnel, medical institutions and medical equipment through the Internet of things and building a regional medical information platform for health records, so as to make multiple parties more convenient. Where is the “wisdom” of intelligent medical treatment?

We can notice the above-mentioned health file, which records the changes of all vital signs from birth to death, as well as the behaviors and events that have been engaged in all health-related time. China’s current medical problems are nothing more than the difficulty and cost of seeing a doctor, poor medical services and low efficiency of the medical system. The most common is that a doctor in a big city may see more than 100 patients a day.

The integration of 5g and medical treatment will be gradually put into clinical trials

In the face of this situation, smart medical will solve many problems, such as reducing the burden of medical personnel and reducing the waiting time of patients. Smart medical will also realize cross hospital information sharing. When the patient’s medical plan in one hospital is treated in another hospital, the authorized doctor can see it, which reduces many steps.

What problems will 5g + smart medicine solve? 5g has the characteristics of large capacity and low delay. It integrates with intelligent medical treatment to solve many problems, such as low medical coverage, incomplete medical solutions and so on. For example, in remote poverty-stricken counties and some small mountain villages, there may only be such a small clinic, which may not exist yet, so you can enjoy the medical resources of large hospitals with the help of 5g smart medicine.

The integration of 5g and medical treatment will be gradually put into clinical trials

5g smart medicine can also realize remote consultation, remote surgery, emergency rescue, remote teaching, remote monitoring, intelligent guidance, AI assisted diagnosis, etc. Among them, remote surgery is an important development direction. For example, Zhengzhou is promoting 5g smart medicine. Two days ago, a 5g medical health development conference was also held in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University signed a 5g smart medicine strategic cooperation agreement with China Mobile Research Institute, China Mobile Chengdu Industrial Research Institute, China Mobile Online Service Company and China Mobile Henan company.

5g smart medicine will also be gradually put into clinical trials. I hope 5g smart medicine can solve China’s medical problems well and quickly.

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