For a long time, doctors relied on their experience and simple instruments. However, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, AI has made very encouraging and commendable technology in the field of medical and health care. The development speed of artificial intelligence in the medical field has exceeded imagination. Articles, research and publicity of various technologies and applications can be described as overwhelming. It was once suspected of “robbing doctors’ jobs”. What is the strength of artificial intelligence medical treatment? Do you really understand?

In recent years, with the significant decline of computer data storage cost and the progress of image recognition and machine learning, artificial intelligence medicine has become feasible. At present, the application of artificial intelligence technology in the medical field mainly focuses on the following aspects:

The incredible of artificial intelligence medicine will be beyond your imagination

AI diagnosis the principle of AI diagnosis is to collect a large amount of global health or disease information, clinical research data, cases and other medical big data, conduct various assessments for each patient, and provide doctors with evidence-based disease diagnosis and treatment suggestions. By analyzing and interpreting patient indicators, AI can better plan patients’ treatment plans and provide doctors with all the information needed to make good decisions. The birth of AI diagnosis will undoubtedly greatly improve the accuracy and pertinence of the treatment plan. More importantly, when hospitals adopt AI diagnosis, patients can spend less time and cost to avoid excessive diagnosis and treatment and misdiagnosis.

AI medical image recognition in August 2018, the radiologist branch of the Chinese Medical Association and the radiologist branch of the Jiangsu Medical Association jointly hosted a public welfare competition called “medical AI helps our bank – 100 people competition for CT reading of pulmonary nodules”. What was the result of this competition? On the whole, the results of artificial intelligence are higher than the average level of doctors in all senior professional title groups, intermediate professional title groups and primary professional title groups. In the past, only by looking at X-ray, CT, ultrasound, Mr and other images with the naked eye of doctors can we give diagnostic conclusions to patients. Now artificial intelligence can recognize medical images faster and more accurately.

The incredible of artificial intelligence medicine will be beyond your imagination

AI surgical medical robots are gradually recognized and widely used in various diagnosis and treatment stages. In particular, surgical robots have become “high-end products” in the field of robots. Many hospitals in China have introduced the world’s latest robotic surgical systems. Surgical robots were originally used for minimally invasive surgery in urology, such as prostatectomy. Now they have been widely used in thoracic and abdominal surgery, such as the treatment of lung cancer, esophageal cancer, adjuvant treatment of mediastinal tumors, etc. At present, many domestic scientific research teams are committed to the development of surgical robot, and have developed an auxiliary laparoscopic surgical robot system with independent intellectual property rights.

The incredible of artificial intelligence medicine will be beyond your imagination

AI telemedicine doctors are very sensitive. They must take good care of every patient. They may meet several times a day, which can be very tiring. AI telemedicine can ensure that doctors can see patients, understand the condition and make diagnosis anytime and anywhere. Patients can communicate with doctors through AI telemedicine technology at home without going to the hospital. AI telemedicine also makes it possible for experts from higher-level large hospitals to “enter” grass-roots hospitals. AI telemedicine online guides the rescue of acute and critical patients, so as to enlarge high-quality medical resources.

The emergence of any new technology may change the way doctors use medical technology to provide medical services to patients. In the context of short supply of medical resources, the application of artificial intelligence technology in the medical field will not only help to improve the medical level and reduce the labor intensity of doctors, but also save relevant time. In the future, artificial intelligence will play an important role in the medical field. We should actively understand, develop and apply AI medicine as soon as possible.

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