The current global COVID-19 clearly shows the importance of digital transformation and industrial 4. Like FESTO, hundreds of companies have been able to remain stable because digitization has deepened in their respective fields. However, many jobs in production are site bound. But the basic principle of industry 4.0 is to make future industrial production mobile. The COVID-19 crisis has pushed global digitization.

OliverJung, managing director of the board, said: “through the change of our online business, we clearly felt the impact of COVID-19. This trend will be long-lasting: a sustainable transition to digital channels and products and services. In the current epidemic period, we are more and more aware of the importance of providing perfect virtual support for our customers. ” Therefore, FESTO provides a digital cooperation platform for customers and partners. The platform includes all engineering design tools and online shopping malls, and can access all FESTO services or digital maintenance management tools smartence. This allows FESTO to provide consistent contacts for customers and partners in a virtual world, known as the digital customer journey.

Many companies suddenly face completely different demand behaviors. Faster delivery or sudden mass supply of specific products requires companies to be as flexible as possible when switching production. The digitization of automation technology is an emergency measure. The components of intelligent interconnection can be configured independently, plug and play production can be realized, and the system can meet the changing requirements faster. The necessary data and information can be synchronized through cloud services, which can be evaluated at any time. In FESTO’s global production network, factories exchange data continuously with the Internet. “In this network, we can largely fill production bottlenecks, such as when factories are shut down because of government orders,” said Dr. Ansgar kriwet, managing board sales president. This requires a stable and strong IT infrastructure to cope with the possibility of modernization, such as cloud data storage, so that data can be obtained almost in real time around the world. “

The development trend of intelligent Internet production has proved that it can not be affected by the crisis and can develop sustainably. The prerequisite is the virtualization of products, machines and systems, so that factory workers can control their “own” machines while working from home. Therefore, machines and systems need digital twins, which have the same functions as their corresponding real machines and systems. Embedded sensor technology enriches digital twins with process data. The virtual twin of machines, systems and value streams also has a big advantage: various processes, parameter settings and configurations can be performed in these computer-generated simulations without intervening in existing production processes. This saves cost and time – this is very important for countries with high labor costs in manufacturing costs, so that they can remain competitive in the global market.

Industry 4.0 platform

The core driving force of digital transformation comes from the “industry 4.0 platform”, which supports German companies to implement industry 4.0 through actual cases, information exchange and measures. The international cooperation of the platform highlights its important role in the international discussion of industry 4.0. Dr. Frank Melzer, President of product and technology management of the management board and chairman of the Executive Committee of industry 4.0 platform, said: “our 2030 mission statement emphasizes three requirements, namely sovereignty, interactivity and sustainability. It provides an excellent framework to stand out from the epidemic and enhances our global vanguard role in an open and digital ecosystem. The industrie 4.0 platform is a reliable partner for the necessary digital innovation, supporting the sound and sustainable further development of German and European industries. “

AI is the key to the future

With AI, FESTO provides more added value for customers and FESTO itself. “Artificial intelligence can be used to predict the likelihood of a single component failure or to optimize the potential for machine operator availability,” said Dr. Ansgar kriwet. Combined with human experience, we have been able to achieve great energy efficiency improvements in our own factories. ” The characteristics of artificial intelligence include self-learning ability. The more data available, the more accurate the prediction. Finally, it can reduce downtime and waste products.

Make good use of artificial intelligence

In order to generate additional value and improve efficiency with algorithm toolbox, use cases must be defined precisely. If the data is strategically pre structured and there is sufficient quantity, the result will be satisfactory. Dr Oliver Jung said: “in our own factory, we carefully studied the quality assurance of AI implementation in the production process and concluded that the big data approach from the consumer market is not applicable to industry. Only when we combine the professional knowledge of machine operators with the corresponding AI statistical methods, can we greatly improve the efficiency. “

FESTO is currently focusing on the “edge layer” of AI evaluation, in other words, directly on the components, or the site of a production network. This saves costs, ensures real-time evaluation, and avoids latency. Through the FESTO Internet of things gateway, existing production plants can be implanted with artificial intelligence without major intervention. The algorithm and model on the device can be updated directly without modifying PLC, which has nothing to do with computer ability and liberates PLC resources.

Two years ago, FESTO acquired resolto Informatik GmbH in Herford, Germany. Last year, resolto AI technology was embedded in products such as festoiot gateway CPX. This year, resolto is now making great strides towards digital business, namely the development of artificial intelligence software and industry 4.0 value-added services.

From machinery to intelligent products

“In order to take advantage of the opportunities and advantages of industry 4.0 mentioned at the beginning, we need field level products with excellent mechanical performance and intelligence, integrating computing power and communication functions,” said Dr. Ansgar kriwet. Therefore, we can combine the excellent mechanical properties of piezoelectric valve with various functions of digital control into a unique product, FESTO digital control terminal vtem. ” The function of the valve island is controlled by app, and many different jobs can be performed with the same hardware. “FESTO digital control terminal vtem combines standard pneumatic components, electronic components and software control to create intelligent technology,” said Dr. Ansgar kriwet. Its functions include simple directional control valve to complex motion application, condition monitoring and variable positioning, which can reduce energy consumption and greatly reduce the number of components to be installed. Through vtem, we have created a new solution area for our customers. “

Digitalization saves resources

Environmental friendly production is becoming a competitive factor. Nowadays, energy and resource efficiency is not only a matter of profitability for manufacturing enterprises. Digitization is an important pioneer technology for industrial production to be climate neutral. The data provided by the sensor first makes the energy consumption of the production process transparent.

For 15 years, FESTO has provided an integrated FESTO energy-saving service for system operation, testing the design and operation of the system, and identifying all weaknesses and optimization options in an integrated way. This can lead to huge savings.

Festoe2m energy saving module combines maintenance equipment, sensor technology and fieldbus communication. It can automatically detect leakage, monitor and control gas consumption.

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