After more than ten years of technology development and application market cultivation, today’s biometric technology has been applied in many application fields. For the Chinese market, the application of biometric technology is mainly based on fingerprint identification technology. In the domestic market, fingerprint identification technology is the most widely used. How to choose biometric technology in different scenarios?

For example, iris, vein, and face recognition technologies have developed rapidly in the Chinese market in recent years, and the market potential can not be underestimated.

Why do you need a biometric system?

At present, in the information age, people have higher and higher requirements for information security and asset security. However, biometric technology is an emerging technology under the current development, which ensures people’s information security. With the continuous upgrading of information matching and extraction algorithms, the development of various recognition technologies is also different. In the future development, the application scope of biometric technology will be further expanded, so as to provide effective guarantee for people’s information security.

Generally speaking, there are three kinds of authentication and identification technology

1. Key, access card, smart phone

2. Password, password

3. Human characteristics

But for 1 and 2 verification technology, the information that must be contacted is correct, but it is difficult to ensure that the confirmation is identified by myself. Biometric technology is the same as human body features to identify the authentication. Because you won’t lose it, forget it or share it with others.

There is no doubt that the quality of hardware products is an important factor of image input quality. Choosing reliable hardware products is the basis of biometrics. Biometric algorithm determines the result of biometric verification, which is also an important factor of speed and performance, especially in the era of big data. Practicability is an often underestimated factor in the selection process.

Which identification method should I choose?

1. Fingerprint is one of the most widely used and mature technologies, and it is also the beginning of biometrics. Fingerprint identification is relatively cheap and functional, which is a very reliable verification method compared with key and access card. If the low-level security option is applied to mobile phones or tablets, it is a better choice, and it can interact with users through sensors. However, our fingerprints are still in contact with some things every day, and may be damaged. Fingerprints or fingerprint peeling and identification conditions (wet fingers) are very limited.

2. Iris recognition is recognized as the safest biometric technology. Therefore, the cost of iris recognition is also quite high, and requires professional hardware products. However, with the maturity of iris recognition technology, the cost of iris recognition is no longer “disappointing”.

3. Vein recognition is a kind of biometric technology. One way of vein recognition system is to obtain personal vein distribution map by vein recognition instrument, extract characteristic value from vein distribution map according to special comparison algorithm, and another way to obtain finger image.

4. Face recognition is a kind of non-contact recognition, which is very friendly and convenient. It also uses the recognition camera. It can be used in a variety of environments, including smart construction sites, financial industry, education industry, etc., even without special hardware support.

How to choose biometric technology in different scenarios? First of all, you need to make sure that you are applying in those scenarios; for example, when you punch in at work, you can apply fingerprint identification, because you don’t need much security to punch in at work. But face recognition technology has to be applied in smart construction sites, because workers may wear fingerprints on construction sites, so it has to be done according to application requirements.

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