In today’s digital explosion, in the face of complex Internet of things data, to help urban digital construction and promote urban security development, Hikvision launched IOT storage series products according to the characteristics of Internet of things data, which has been successfully implemented in the system construction of many cities.

Taking the urban rail transit scenario as an example, in the face of high-capacity data storage requirements and harsh equipment deployment environment, Hikvision IOT storage customized solutions provide services for urban transportation. Hohhot urban rail transit, in which more than 6000 front ends are installed on two rail lines, 600 image capture machines and 400 audio channels. The storage data generated every day is huge. In order to meet the actual business needs of metro, the storage cycle also needs to reach more than 90 days.

How to ensure the reliability, security and scalability of stored data has become a challenge. After many exchanges and communications, Hikvision has developed an IOT storage comprehensive solution. The installed capacity of the whole project has reached more than 20000 TB. The secondary storage architecture is adopted to realize the storage of video, audio and pictures: the station adopts CVR centralized storage; The network raid scheme is adopted in the line network center for redundant storage.

Large capacity, small land occupation and low cost: 15tb IOT hard disk is adopted to save room space and the unit TB cost is excellent; System flexible expansion: dynamic and flexible expansion of resources to help customers save investment and expand capacity on demand in the later stage; Advanced Networking: all 10 Gigabit network switching is adopted, and the link communication is stable and efficient; Three levels ensure zero business interruption: one level realizes the integration between CVR and cloud storage and automatic data backup; The second level realizes the equipment level network raid protection, and the data is not lost; The three-level network cross protection is realized without fear of equipment failure.

15tb IOT hard disk storage is applied in more than one rail transit project. The IOT hard disk launched by Hikvision uses black technologies such as SMR, helium packaging, wdda and disk password protection to provide a more economical, safer and more reliable storage medium for urban security construction.

What is the passenger flow of each subway station in the morning and evening peak? In case of increased passenger flow on special days such as exhibitions and National Day holidays, the demand for storage capacity is more urgent, such as allocating and organizing train operation schemes. The subway line environment is relatively closed, crowded, large flow, personnel evacuation is greatly limited, the anti risk ability is weak, and the security work is difficult. Once an emergency occurs, it may cause heavy casualties and property losses. The operation of application software and management platform, the visual management of equipment status, and the automatic supervision of the center after a single station failure are all practical needs in front of us.

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