Violet is brilliant in IC design, purple is developing its 5G actively, and besides its 6 nanometer 5G chip mobile phone will be massed next year, the awesome exhibition has launched a series of 5G products.

“The t7520 will soon reach CS status, and we have been investing a lot of resources in this product. This product is a very important root of 5g, especially for consumer products. Based on the t7520, we have planned a series of 5gsoc products, which are all on the way. ” In an interview with first finance and other media, Zhou Chen, executive vice president of Ziguang zhanrui, said that mobile phones equipped with zhanrui 6nm 5g chip will be mass produced next year.

After Chinese telecom operators and equipment manufacturers accelerate the launch of 5g network and base station products, China’s local mobile phone chip design manufacturers have also accelerated the pace. During the 2020 purple light zhanrui Market Summit, zhanrui released Unicom’s second generation 5gcpevn007 +, 5g RF front-end complete solution, Nb IOT chip v8811 for 5gr16, intelligent cockpit chip solution a7862, dual frequency positioning chip a2395 and flagship smart watch platform w517.

Zhanrui first released the first 5g technology platform macaru 1.0 and 5g baseband chip chunteng v510 on the MWC of Barcelona in February 2019. The 5g mobile phone, 5gcpe, 5g module and other mobile terminals equipped with the chip have been put into commercial use; in February 2020, zhanrui launched its second generation 5g smart phone platform Huben t7520, which is the first 5gsoc adopting 6nmev.

When talking about why zhanrui chose the 6-nanometer process, Chu Qing, CEO of purple light zhanrui, said, “EUV has brought Moore’s law back to life. The first process node to use EUV in the industry is 7Nm. We chose 6nm because the application of EUV is more mature and the supply is sufficient. “

At present, some mainstream 5g mobile phone chips have adopted the 5nm solution, but the first generation products with advanced manufacturing technology often have higher trial and error costs. “The use of EUV at 5nm is much more than that at 6nm and 7Nm, but it will bring new problems, that is, can it reduce the cost?” Chu Qing mentioned.

Chen Fengwei, deputy general manager of China Unicom’s terminal and channel support center / Unicom Huasheng Communication Co., Ltd., said at a forum on November 5 that China Unicom predicted that the mobile phone market would rise steadily in 2021. The sales volume of mobile phone terminals would reach 365 million, the number of 5g mobile phones would exceed 300 million, and the market share of 5g mobile phones would exceed 90%. At the same time, the cost performance of 5g modules has been greatly improved, and the pan terminal market will continue to grow in three digits.

As for the impact of the epidemic, Zhou Chen said that most of the mobile phones before zhanrui were sold overseas, so the first half of the year was greatly affected by the epidemic. Since July, the mobile phone business has fully recovered to the level of the same period last year, “even since September, we have achieved a significant growth every month compared with the same period last year. In the whole year, we will still have a good growth. “

5g will open the world of everything connected, and the industrial Internet will usher in rapid development, which will also promote the development of upstream industrial electronics. On December 15, 2018, Ziguang zhanrui announced the establishment of industrial electronics division. Chu said the division’s revenue in 2019 was $100 million, up 150% year-on-year so far this year.

Unlike consumer electronics, the industrial chain of industrial electronics is longer. Huang yunning, senior vice president of Ziguang zhanrui, pointed out that “mobile phones are either purchased in a centralized manner or directly purchased by consumers; in the field of industrial electronics, the final customers may have to go through a series of middlemen to obtain products.”

Huang yunning said that the original chip manufacturers of industrial electronics need to pay attention to various links. “In different industries, we see the head players to explore new industries or enter this industry. Once entered, there are followers or peers who do secondary development on it, so that there will be a lot of customers. Module manufacturers, in particular, are not our final customers, but these modules will enable thousands of industries. For example, communication modules have communication needs in all kinds of environments that require basic connectivity, so it requires the whole ecological cooperation. “

Huang also believes that 5g has brought new opportunities to risc-v. “Now 5g may bring a new and larger market, that is, when traditional MCU is added with 5g application. 5g low delay and high reliability is particularly suitable for industrial scenarios, so there is a new possibility: industrial controllers and basic connected functions are connected together, a new form of industrial controller. “

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